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Daycare workers and elementary school teachers, how are the young kids doing with mask mandates?

Asked by canidmajor (18669points) 1 week ago

I’m not including parents or regular babysitters because I am interested in how the kids are interacting with their peers as well as the specific community nature of the environment of classrooms and day care centers.
Are they uncomfortable with the masks? Do they seem to not notice? Stuff like that.

I would also be interested in knowing the region where you work.

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I’m only in schools part time but I do have young kids, and I’ve noticed that kids are generally more dilligent and accepting of mask rules, distancing, and handwashing than adults. The demo skews lefty middle class, but that diverges into antivax too, and the kids all seem to do rather well.

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I teach K12 art. K6 were in person with a distance learning option all of last year. K6 adapted well to masking and distancing. This year masks are recommended, which means about 10% wear them. I have read there have been language delays due to masking, but have not observed them. I do see a growing delay in fine motor skills, and self-regulation, which I attribute the to screen time.
Distancing and the inability to share materials had a far greater impact, as did the requirement to teach sychonously (distance learners and classroom at the same time). It is showing up as a delay in soft skills like collaboration, sharing, and conflict resolution.

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I have wondered about things like collaborative skill development, and catching up with that, as well as the skill involved with learning to read strangers’ facial expressions..

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I feel like the masks are essentially a non-issue for learning, and they facilitate things like keeping the schools open, which @kruger_d pointed out, and I assert more strongly, is the biggest way we failed the children during the pandemic.

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