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Favorite beer?

Asked by brianru (64points) September 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m an American going to school in Montreal Canada, where the drinking age is 18. So I’m looking for my favorite beer. Which is your favorite?

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Just about any Samuel Adams variety. Also, Guinness.

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Sam Adams Oktoberfest
Sam Adams Light
Sam Adams Summer Ale

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JP you actually LIKE prb? bleeeghhhh

My favorite beer by far is Shiner Bock, I don’t know if you can get that in Canada though….It’s kind of like, the best thing about Texas.

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Blue Moon, with a slice of orange.

I also love all pumpkin ales.

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That reminds me: have you ever added a drop of Tabasco to a Corona? Just enough bite!

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footnote: at your age, just drink water. you wont regret it. stop now with the thought while you’re ahead. just had to put that out there.

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hey, welcome to fluther. and also, welcome to montreal (im from montreal). canadian beer is good, but some americans cant get used to it. try boreale blonde, mousehead, rickards red, molson (true canadian beer), and whatever you can get at a depanneur. these are mostly unique to canada, so go ahead and try a variety.

and one more thing, go to les 3 brasseurs on crescent and st. catherine and order a meter of beer (a plank 1 meter long that has 6 glasses on it). les 3 brasseurs makes their own beer and its really good.

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What kinds of beers are you into already? I am a total sucker for nice, wheaty Belgian beers so I am having a serious Franziskaner phase. But you would hate that if you don’t like the (lovely, delicious) beers I like.

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@charliecompany34 I could have asked for the cheapest.

@mtl Zack thank you. I’ve been to les 3 brasseurs, their beer is great, but can’t say the same about their poutine. Next time I’m there I’ll check out the meter of beer.

@nikipedia I prefer crisp beers with some flavor – Stella, carlsberg, singha, heineken

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A&W avec poutine.

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AC. Beat ya’ to it!!!

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Negra Modelo…with a cigarette.
Wait…if you don’t already smoke, don’t start. If you already do, you should stop. Don’t do as I do…

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@Mtl_zack, you forgot Unibroue – makers of Maudite, La Fin du Monde and Éphémère to name a few. Out west, Big Rock and Wild Rose make some nice beers.

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I like cold ones the best.

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No seesul, not root beer,
but Root Beer:

Fill a tall glass w/ ice.
3/4 oz Vodka
3/4 oz Kahlua
3/4 oz Galliano
Fill glass with Coke


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Red Stripe. It’s the best.

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Rolling Rock. I am a boring, boring girl.

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fat tire! yes. I live in maryland so i don’t have access to fat tire but i visited their brewery in colorado and the whole new belgium brewery is amazing. they are a very green and good company that encourages everyone to ride bikes to work and actually gives them a free fat tire bike from the company to do this. and the beer is delicious. i just wish they shipped to the east coast…

and magic hat is awesome. esp. number 9

also if anyone is into fruity beers i recently discovered wild blue which seriously tastes just like a blueberry and is like 8% too.

and since i live in baltimore I will always have a love for natty boh (national bohemian) which is our pride and joy even though it kinda tastes like piss lol

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Free beer is my favorite beer :)

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Boddington’s, various Indian Pale Ales, Blue Moon, and Honey Moon (Blue Moon’s summer ale.)

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San Miguel Strong Ice
Red Horse Beer

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I could’d tie my self down to just one. Given enough time I could probably narrow it down to top 100.

To be going on with…

Leffe tripel
Duval (It’s like a combination of Leffe and Hoegaarden)
Any Belgian Blonde bier.
Innes and Gunn (Aged in oak bourbon barrels – fantastic)
Peroni (NOT Nastro Azzurro)

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Little Creatures
Crown Lager
Pure Blonde
James Boags

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Kostritzer Schwarzbier, it’s a lager but it’s black and it has a wonderful mouthfeel.

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