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Sometimes…to a person who deserves it. Other times I LOVE to be a bitch!

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I love, because if you give it, you get it.

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Occasionally. I’ve been told repeatedly that I’m too nice for my own good, and I’m inclined to agree. I HATE being nice and kind and thoughtful when it’s because I’m just too big of a wuss to put myself into a position where I might piss someone off. Otherwise, I do enjoy it quite a bit.

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@trudacia: don’t you ever regret it when you were a bitch to someone….did you ever realize that maybe it wasn’t necessary EVEN if the OTHER person was a bitch?? ;)

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@mrmelted, it’s kind of funny that you mentioned how you “agree” with those who think you’re too nice! Clearly you are agreeable.

It’s all good unless you allow people to take advantage of your kindness.

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@xray, I do regret it when I realize later that the person truly didn’t deserve it or I was just in a bad mood and took it out on the wrong person. However, there is nothing better than putting an asshole in his/her place. I rarely regret that.

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Does this question presuppose that I am kind and thoughtful?

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@trudacia: Oh, I agree!!!

@Nimis…are you??

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Absolutely trudacia… nothing like bitching out a bitch! ;)

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@poof, yeah girl!

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I do enjoy it. It gives me a little thrill, especially if it is done for the benefit of some random person.

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Being nice and kind and thoughtful is win-win;
being rude and mean and inconsiderate is lose-lose.

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Xray: I’ve been accused of such. But don’t believe what people tell you.

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Good lord, no!

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from Nimis: I’ve been accused of such. But don’t believe what people tell you.
thanks, Nimis…I try to look at what people tell me, but flat out name calling, cussing out, vicious behaviour seems somewhat primitive to me and has to be took with a grain of salt….what is it: consider the source?? ;)

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Because being passive-aggressive is so much more classy.

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What is the purpose of this question?

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