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What sweets do you like?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19606points) 6 days ago

Any? What are your favorites?

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Chocolate. Oh, and chocolate. And I really like chocolate!

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@chyna Do you prefer milk chocolate or dark? I prefer milk chocolate. Hollow is my favorite. Like Kinder Surprise. Also liquid or gooie like lint, Lindor.

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I’m a baked goods kind of person. Chocolate Chip Cookies, of course, but I like most cookies. Plus, muffins, brownies, pastries.

I can live without candy and ice cream, and only eat chocolate rarely. Dark chocolate, if I’m going to eat it.

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Peanut butter cookies
Lemon cake
Pumpkin pie
Glazed donuts
Werthers butterscotch candies
Snickers bars
Strawberry ice cream
Shortbread cookies
Hershey’s kisses
English toffee
Strawberry short cake
Graham crackers
Thin mint Girl Scout cookies
Red licorice
Caramel anything
Maple syrup
Cinnamon rolls
Creme brulee
Blueberry pie
Peanut brittle
Coconut cake
Spumoni ice cream
Coffee cake
Congo bars
Panna cotta
Coffee ice cream
Rice pudding

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I like them all but particular favourites are Mars Bars and Turkish Delight.

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Chocolate covered potato chips

Creamy, crunchy, salty, sweet

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I prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate, but will eat both.

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@chyna Totally agree, I’d prefer white chocolate over dark chocolate if given the choice!

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I respectfully disagree:

1. Dark Chocolate
2. Milk Chocolate
3. No Chocolate
4. A rock from my front yard
5. White Chocolate

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I once had some kind of small chocolate cake, that was filled with molten chocolate. Probably the best thing I ever had.

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@ragingloli Something like this?

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Something like it, yes.

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My top 3 are:

Jelly Babies (As I am a right baby myself)
Chocolate covered honeycomb bars

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Dark chocolate, at least 85% cacao

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I like most sweets but when and when depends on my mood. I’m not usually a fan of chocolate cake (usually too sweet) or chocolate ice cream, or chocolate candy (like kisses or boxed chocolates) but now and then, yes.

Usually in a restaurant, I’d like something creamy like cheesecake or rice pudding, or carrot cake.

Cookies, it’s hard to say because homemade butter cookies are the best but store bought ordinary cookies like Oreos or Chips Ahoy, not really, unless I’m starving.

At home, ice cream may sit in the freezer until it’s old and has freezer burn, unless it’s a flavor I really like, in which case maybe, maybe not. So without knowing circumstances, it’s hard for me to say.

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Anything with chocolate that doesn’t have fruit, especially raisins!

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I like most sweet things as long as there are NO BERRIES involved (berries come straight from Hell). Also, certain icings are way too sweet for me or heavily frosted doughnuts. So I used to really enjoy those maple candies (basically compacted maple sugar), but they have become too sweet for my palette. Nonetheless, my dad still thinks I like them after communicating this and continues to gift them. Good intentions though haha

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@RedDeerGuy1 Near the top Simply Caramel candy bars.

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See’s Bordeau
Death By Chocolate
Chocolate chip cookie dough (raw)

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