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Does buying a cheap pillow case counter the quality of a good pillow?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19604points) 2 days ago

Also what are the top of the line pillows and pillow cases for sale?

Preferably from Bed Bath and Beyond or Amazon?

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Looking for comfortable side, back, stomach, sleeping pillow/cases under $100 cnd.

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Buying a cheap pillow case to cover a pricy pillow could be bothersome. If the pillow case irritates your skin, especially your face, you will not use the pillow.

Consider a Casper pillow. I really like mine, plus you can buy affordable yet quality pillow cases from them.

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For me, I prefer a quality pillow and a quality case. I feel a difference the minute my head hits the pillow.
I bought mine at Macy’s several years ago. I do not recall the manufacturer of either. It is a process that is done my feel.

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I wouldn’t want a cheap pillow case that pills (has those little balls of fabric) after each washing. It’s rough on your face. So I would invest in good pillows and good pillow cases. I have bamboo pillows that I’ve had for a few years that I really like.

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