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What problems have you had or are having with your home?

Asked by flutherother (34080points) November 26th, 2021

Things like draughts, ill fitting doors, damp, loose roof tiles, woodworm or dry rot.

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My house is 101 years old. It is not a “lovely old vintage home”, it was a tract house in 1920.
So, to answer your question, All Of Them. The wiring is funky, the plumbing is funky, insulation has been quite a workaround, and every time the wind really blows (I live in hurricane land) things shift oddly. Bit by bit I keep disaster at bay, but it’s a lot like adopting a pissy adult dog.

But, hey, it’s my cranky old dog, and we have learned to work together. :-)

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My house was built in 1923. What isn’t wrong with it?

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It’s gutted. No hot water. No shower or tub.
I DO have a washer and dryer AND a toilet. I am blessed.

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The drain for the washing machine backs up and overflows. I fixed it for the time being by restricting the drain hose on the washer with a screw type C-clamp..

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Also I have no kitchen cabinets.

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@kritiper I had that problem recently. The problem wasn’t with the washing machine but the outflow plumbing which had become blocked with gunge. I cleared it out with a plumber’s snake then I poured some nearly boiling water through it. It did the trick.

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@flutherother I did all that. There was just too much water going through a 2” pipe of some length. And the pipe where the washing machine hose goes may be too low in the wall.

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Put a large screw driver in it to release the vacuum.

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The main issue I have trying to keep it clean. There are smudges around the switches that refuse to by cleaned off, and the baseboards are dusty. Recently I noticed the ceilings have splashes on them, from the boys playing “geyser” with their sodas, and the ceilings are textured, which can’t be washed (probably asbestos ).

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@kritiper Same. The high efficiency washer is a bit too much for the old pipes. I just wash small or mediun loads instead for now.

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Also I have no furniture except for 1 recliner that’s in my room. Rick makes do with camp chairs.

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We just fixed our sewer lateral.
Merry Christmas to us.

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No water pressure.

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