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Medical Question: Akilies tendon?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) September 14th, 2008

Ok so my akilies tendon started hurting a few days ago. Like enough to where it hurt to walk on it. When you feel where the tendon is and flex it, it feels like stretching rubber. Im not sure what I did to it. But I was wondering if anyone had a clue what is wrong?

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What is this Yahoo Answers?

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I’m sure its nothing. Sometimes like right now my ankles been killing me no clue why but sometimes weird stuff happens itll go away

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Sounds like you may have tendonitis. If it is this alone, you should be ok with just some rest, but if it is a torn tendon, you really need to baby it, because if you do too much and suffer a complete tear, you will need surgery, and a long recovery. Take ibuprofen and elevate it, until you can see a doctor. If it doesn’t feel better in a couple of days, or gets worse, don’t delay seeing a doctor. If you feel a sharp “snap” like a rubber band hitting the back of your leg, go to the ER, so they can fit you with a boot.

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@scamp I have had tendinitis, and this isn’t it. But I saw my school trainer today. Its mostly swelling. I am a runner so I’m prone to these injuries he said. I’ll be able to go running again by tomorrow. Just needed to ice it he said. So I am ok now. Thanks everyone!

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How is it today?

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Today I feel pretty darn good. There is still partial swelling but no pain. Should be back to 100% soon.

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Glad you’re feeling better!

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