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The car has not gone for a long time, what should I check before rolling?

Asked by Amberkayla (17points) 1 month ago

The car has not gone for a long time, what should I check before rolling?

Due to the epidemic, my car has not been used for about 65 days, what detailed parts do I need to check before starting?

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I would have the tire pressure checked, the oil, and battery charge. Also make sure you have gas.
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The brakes. Letting a car sit a long time can play hell with brake fluid.

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I’m assuming you have gas in it.
I’d put a battery charger on it, check the oil level, tire pressures, and looks for any drips.
If that all looked good I’d crank it for a few seconds to get oil moving. Then a minute or so before cranking it again to start it.
When it starts, don’t run it hard. Let the oil slowly fill the hydraulic valve lifters. You can expect a little valve noise but it will go away.
If you live near the water you can expect to see rust on your brake rotors. Don’t panic. It will wear off the first time you use the brakes. Use them gently at first. Hopefully in your driveway.

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Check the air in the tires and all fluid levels.
The gas tank should have been filled before letting the car sit.
If you use gasoline that has 10% ethanol, you don’t need to add gas line anti freeze.
Check your wipers.
Check and clean battery terminals.

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65 days is not really that much. You may need a battery charge and it would be a good idea to check the oil. Otherwise, I’d just crank it up and keep an eye on the temp. Things like washer fluid tire pressure and such you could drive to a shop and have them do a check up for you.

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That is not a terribly long period of time. It also may depend on the age and shape that the car was in when you last drove it.
Check the oil, Gas and tire pressure. The rest should be fine.

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Yes, thanks everyone. I’m going to check the tire pressure and oil first today. Hope everything is fine.

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