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Have you watched Get Back yet?

Asked by filmfann (49518points) 1 month ago

The 3 night miniseries recut of Let It Be is now playing on Disney+.
I am a huge Beatles fan, and I find it quite absorbing and amazing, but also a bit wearing.
Your thoughts?

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Let me know if it’s worth watching (but I don’t have D+)

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I don’t have Disney+ either, but since you’re a big Beatles fan, I’ve been curious about Yesterday 2019. Did you see it, and if so, what did you think?

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@smudges Yesterday was cute.

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I really liked Yesterday. Very cute.

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Not yet.

I want to record it and erase the parts with Yoko.

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I’ve seen the first two parts. Still fun, and some of Lennon’s witticisms had me howling.

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Okay, I have seen it entirely.

I haven’t seen Let It Be in 20 years, but I remember it better than I remember my grandchildren’s names, which annoys me as much as Yoko Wade.
So I remember favorite parts, as well as little bits that annoy me.
Not all of what is in Let It Be (80 minutes long) is in Get Back (7 hours 48 minutes). There is a part where Paul is trying to tell John how to play a song. There is a comical version of Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, and a samba version of The Long And Winding Road (which is only partially shown here).
There is a lot of stuff here I love that I have never seen before, but I don’t see how the release of this will stop an outcry for a release of the original Let It Be.

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We just finished it. I found it amazing. Those boys were true musicians. They could make up a riff and go with it – and make up words on the fly.
Paul says something like: “A, D then Fsharp” and they know what to do.

It is clear John did not want to be there. He was the arrogant person in the meeting who makes noise and is disrespectful to other speakers. (We would have fired him and his second head, Yoko, even if he was the star player.)

I liked how they played with words to make the songs sound right. “Jo Jo left his home in Tuscon Arizona….” ” Is Tucson in Arizona?” Bismark, North Dakota? Brooklyn, New York City. It didn’t matter.

I do feel sorry for all those fans who studied every word and inflection looking for hidden meaning. There was no meaning. They picked words that sounded good – or they made up stuff on the spot.

And Billy Preston was a joy to watch. He was smiling the whole time truly enjoying himself – while Paul worked so hard to get everyone together, George felt slighted, Ringo remained wishy-washy, and John did everything he could to be the boss, even if his heart was not in it.
I really enjoyed watching it. 6 hours is a long time. We split it over about 5 days.

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