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My cat was taken from her mother too early. What can I do?

Asked by tonedef (3935points) September 14th, 2008

I have deduced from two other problematic cat behaviors that my cat was most likely taken from her mother too soon, resulting in improper suckling and other activities.

Is there any way to effectively “rehabilitate” a cat? And this isn’t just a minor issue: my cat wakes me up every night, wailing and suckling on anything white and fuzzy that I forget to put away.

I need to sleep again!

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Talk too a vet who specializes in cat behavior, soonest. Vets always have amazing tricks up their sleeves, even for this most mysterious of animals.

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Book called Starting From Scratch.

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edit; (for those waiting to pounce): too.

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@tonedef – how old is your kitty, and how old was kitty when you got her/him? We got ours at 4 months old, and they did the suckling thing for a little while. It is simply a comfort mechanism. The breeder told us that it would probably happen, and it did. It stopped as they got older.

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@Tantigirl- the cat is about 7, and I only got her a few weeks ago.

If I just took her into the vet (and paid 120 bucks for him to basically tell me she was A-OK), would it be appropriate to call and ask about this behavior? Or would I need to make a new appointment to do that? I’m new to all this.

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You should be able to call and ask without them requiring an appointment, since you are now a client of theirs.

Also, I have a cat that does this, but it is not a problem. He is over 10 years old and still ‘suckles’ on people and things. If the cat is bothering you in the night, I would keep a spray bottle of water by your bed and when the cat tryings to wake you or suckle, spray it with water. It may seem cruel at first, but it is better than having to get rid of the cat. However, make sure when you wake up in the morning, you give the kitten a lot of affection and let it know that now that it is morning, it can have your attention.

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