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I had the moderna vaccine so which booster would I get?

Asked by Chris2533 (13points) 1 month ago

Vaccine booster

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▲From what I’ve read, get Moderna.▲

Has it been 6 months since you had your second Moderna?

If it’s been less than 6, then it might be recommended that you get your booster anyway, because of the Omicron variant.

However, I’m not a doctor and you should consult with one or the CDC guidelines.

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Yes, Moderna. 50% the amount of the previous doses. I saw that in practice yesterday.

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@Chris2533 The first answer you got from @Caravanfan is correct. He is a doctor and has been treating COVID patients in ICU.

I work in my state’s Dept. of Health. I am not a doctor, but I have access to lots of information. The CDC recommends that you get the same booster as the vaccine you received.

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I had all three Moderna shots.

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I don’t know in which country you live but in the UK most people have been given either the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccines in their 1st and 2nd inoculations.

Most people here now appear to be given the Comirnaty for their booster, even those who had the AstraZeneca vaccine .

Comirnaty is the new name for the Pfizer vaccine.

My first 2 inoculation against Covid 19 were both AstraZeneca but my booster was the Comirnaty new name for Pfizer) but my wife’s first 2 jabs were the Pfizer and her third was the Comirnaty, which basically means my wife had Pfizer for all three of her vaccinations.

As far as the side effects are concerned our first inoculations gave us no side effects at all but our second Comirnaty vaccines gave me nothing more than a slightly sore arm for a few days but my wife experienced the same sore arm plus the day after she had a headache all day but that went by the next morning.

I am glad you are one of the smart ones who are having the vaccines.

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I am assuiming you have two doses of Moderna already.

You can get whichever brand of vaccine you want for a third dose/booster if you are in the US. Moderna, Pfizer, or J&J.

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@JLeslie Please cite your source for your answer. The doctor above and the CDC both urge people to get the same booster as the vaccine they received.

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^^Sure. Honestly, I didn’t read any answers above.

The CDC and Fauci have been saying mix and match is fine for months now. Some people prefer to stay with the same brand because they know how they reacted to it.

You may choose which COVID-19 vaccine you receive as a booster shot. Some people may prefer the vaccine type that they originally received, and others may prefer to get a different booster. CDC’s recommendations now allow for this type of mix and match dosing for booster shots.


I know several people who went for a Moderna 3rd/booster after starting with Pfizer or J&J after seeing the efficacy looked better with Moderna and initial reports on mix and match looked very good. Most people stay with the same though I think.

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Just as a postscript, if you had the moderna vaccine it wouldn’t be that big of a deal if you got pfizer as a booster. They basically do the same thing.

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I heard Moderna was a better choice for the booster as well.
@Caravan Cases doubled here in a week, hope your area is better.

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Some further info on mixing rather than matching. This is just another article. You can also look up the mix studies that were done months ago.

“The most important reason is that mixing offers advantages in enhanced immune response and, therefore, anticipated enhanced protection. The immune response after mixing is often higher than after matching,” he says.

“There is a relatively small advantage to mixing the two mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna). However, there is substantial enhanced immunogenicity – a measure of how well a vaccine works – when the vector-based Johnson & Johnson vaccine (similar to the AstraZeneca vaccine) is followed by an mRNA vaccine.”


@Hawaii_Jake You might want to let the manager where you work know so they can look into updating their information.

I found that a couple of pharmacies here were sticking to FDA recommendations of 65 and older for boosters when actually for many months the CDC has said anyone any age who feels they are higher risk can get a booster. FDA has to do with label, but CDC looks more at overall health of the nation and standard practices. All ages who work in healthcare were encouraged to boost and protect themselves, so quite obviously that means for all ages the boost is thought to be safe, and not difficult to imagine that once the highest risk people had time to get their boost (we are at that point now) the CDC would advise to the general public for everyone to go get a boost. I assume your facility was already boosting any age for staff and patients.

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@KNOWITALL It’s not that Moderna is a better choice. It’s just that generally it’s recommended to get the same booster you had before unless you had the J&J vaccine. But it’s not a huge deal if you have to get another one (say, if Moderna isn’t available)

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Is there any advantage to receiving a diversity of vaccines?

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@Caravanfan I heard the efficacy of J&J was found lacking more than Moderna. But I’m no doctor haha.

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@RocketGuy Nobody knows. Maybe
@KNOWITALL Correct. J&J isn’t as effective.

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Some studies have shown J&J plus the mRNA is giving an enhanced immune response that is more durable. This study, which is admittedly small, actually evaluated J&J as the booster when mRNA was given previously, most mix and match have been J&J first, then the mRNA.

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