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What is something that you have maxed out?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19786points) 1 month ago

Like television sound, credit cards, likes?

Humor welcome

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The fluidity of my stool.

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My patience for idiots

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For the moment, cheese.

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American politics.

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My patience for stupid people.

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Vaccine mandates and my volume on my computer.

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My tolerance for people who drive slow in the left lane.

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My tolerance for intolerance. So I’m intolerant, which pisses me off.

Okay, I’ll change my answer.


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Credit cards. Every holiday season. Yo ho ho blah.

kritiper's avatar

The miles on my 1991 Nissan pick-up, now at about 300,000 miles.

JLeslie's avatar

Volume on my phone and laptop.

People who try to shake my hand. Strangers who come up close to me with no mask when I’m wearing a mask.

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Start up disc.

Love_my_doggie's avatar

People who don’t listen and, instead, interrupt and start lecturing.

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Giving a fuck.

LuckyGuy's avatar

Lurve for many people I like and respect here.

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The game timer of Donkey Kong Country 3.

The scoreboard in Time Pilot

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