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It’s December — and officially cookie season. What Cookie will you be baking this Month?

Asked by Forever_Free (8238points) December 1st, 2021

Whether fudgy or jammy, dunkable or cheesy, these cookies all have one thing in common: They deliver joy!! (and calories).

I am of Scandinavian heritage, so there is nothing shy of a dozen different varieties on my plate this Holiday season.

What will you be making?
What is you favorite cookie?
Do you have a least favorite cookie?

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Chocolate chip.
Another good cookie for the season consists of chocolate chip recipe, minus the chips, and add nutmeg, cinnamon, clove (or pumpkin pie spice) for a spice cookie.

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Chocolate chip. Can’t beat ‘em with a stick!

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Chocolate chip.

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Just a little bit ago I added chocolate chips and walnuts to my grocery list to make forgotten cookies (meringue cookies). I usually make them around Christmas time. I’ll make them for me and give them away to friends also. My husband is not a huge fan, I can’t understand not liking them, so I might make him some almond cookies if he wants cookies.

I LOVE chocolate chip cookies, but I rarely make them from scratch anymore, because two grocery stores here make such yummy ones. I also like the Mexican Wedding cookies; I have never tried to make them. My husband is Mexican, and he says he doesn’t know what I am talking about, so I have a feeling they are not really Mexican, but for some reason Americans call them Mexican.

I’ll probably buy an iced cookie also for the holidays. A Santa or a snowman. I like black and white also, I guess I could use Chanukah as an excuse to buy a few of those.

Trying to think of a cookie I don’t like. That is tough, because I like so many. I don’t like Milanos. They are supposedly very popular, but I don’t like them.

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Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. Yummm!

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Butterball cookies. I make them once a year. I eat some after I make them, then send all those calories over to the gals at the city utility office.
But I don’t have an oven.

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Snickerdoodles, a family recipe with ground hazelnut, peanutbutter cookies, and simple sugar cookies with cinnamon, iced and decorated.

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Did somebody call my name?

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Oatmeal raisin cookies without nuts.

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@Tropical_Willie Ah! Makes more sense to me that they originate in the Middle East. I think of pecan sandies as flatter, not in a ball, but I love those too.

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Every Christmas season I make cookies that my Nana used to make for me. They’re a silly non-anise vanilla version of the classic Italian cookie. She used to make them every year for me (I was the only one who loved them), and I feel a great connection to her when I make them. I have always made them and decorated them with my kids.

This year, I will be experimenting with vegan cookies. My daughter will be home for a couple of weeks during break, and I plan to do some vegan baking with her. Not sure what we’ll make.

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@JLeslie I love them no matter where they come from.

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@Tropical_Willie…those Mexican wedding cookies are what my butterball cookies are. No nuts tho. Man they’re good
Basically they’re made from a streusel. I have to make extra because I can’t stay out of it!

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@Tropical_Willie So good. Only negative is messy!

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My favorites to bake are peanut butter drops, no-bake, snowballs, and rum balls.
Snowballs are probably my favorite tasting cookies.

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The cookies I make are almond bars, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal raisin with nuts and chocolate chips, and my grandmother’s molasses crinkles.

My grandmother was born in Germany around 1892 and one of the cookies she would make at Christmas were Russian wedding cakes. They sound like the Mexican wedding cookies you all are talking about; I’ve never heard of Mexican wedding cookies until just now. I’ve also heard them called Danish wedding cakes.

My least favorite are I think called thumbprints?? with jam in the thumbprint?

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Yes! Russian wedding cakes. Same cookie. We called them that when I was young.

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At this time of year, I hunt for pfeffernuse.

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Snickerdoodles and sour cream sugar cookies.

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I’m an occasional baker, year round. If I come across a recipe that is intriguing, I’ll get the ingredients and make it.

I’ve made Mexican wedding cookies in the past. They’re easy to make and soo good.

My most recent recipe that is tempting is a chocolate chip cookie with raisins in addition to the chocolate chips. I think it will taste like raisinets.

My daughter has been making sugar cookies the past few weeks. We have a lot of cookie cutters. I just let her do her thing and then I do the baking part. They’re not that sweet. She will put icing on some.

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I usually go into a baking frenzy most Decembers. In recent years, no one is coming “home” so I don’t bake as much but still like to have cookies around for neighbors and guests – and me!

I haven’t been in a baking mood so far but I think it is lurking. I will make vanilla sablees which are similar to shortbread, jam thumbprints and probably butterballs. If I’m ambitious, I’ll make ruggelach at some point but they take time.

I am making my friend’s grandmother’s apple pie to bring to their house on Christmas day.

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You’re supposed to BAKE cookies? I always thought it was the season for EATING them!

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