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If you could sue every one who hurt you and them the same to you would you make a profit?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19783points) 1 month ago

Who has hurt you and who have you hurt? No using exact names please.

Humor and legit answers welcome?

You don’t have to share anything that you are uncomfortable with sharing. Just give a number of plus or negative for your ratio.

For example as a teenager I was a jerk at school, yet I protected my classmates from bullies.

I don’t have enough insight into an the exact plus or minus, and will probably find out when it is too late to fix.

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I would likely profit. Not as much as the lawyers though…..

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No because everyone loses in the end.
Besides your assumming that the offender is emotionally mature enought to realize the pain that they caused, if they don’t evryone including them lose.

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Interesting way of framing the question.

Everyone has been the victim of some injustice. At least, everyone believes so in their own experience, to judge from what I hear people say.

I can’t imagine how I’d put numbers to it, myself, but I do think a couple of huge, enormous hits that I took would cancel out a lot of mistakes and misdeeds I committed, if we just went by scores.

The thing is, though, the people I hurt were not the people who hurt me, so there really is no profit for anyone, and no redemption in weighing them against each other. Instead, they all add onto a collective burden that falls on our species as a whole.

Two wrongs are twice as many as one; they don’t net out to zero.

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