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Would it help if when I have a glass of fluoride laced tap water if I swished it around in my mouth?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19801points) 1 month ago

To make sure that all the teeth get cavity fighting flouride?

Humor and legit answers welcome.

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Yes. That’s why dentists have kids slosh it around in their mouths when they are getting fluoride treatments. You want to get 100% coverage on all tooth surfaces.

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After I eat, I swish warm water around in my mouth to get any food that’s stuck dislodged. It can’t hurt.

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Wouldn’t hurt.

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Fluroide laced vodka might work better… Get some germ fighting alcohol in there!

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It likely will knock loose any rotisserie chicken you may have missed when you brush. If so, unexpected snack! ;-D

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