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A female Sikh mall Santa; would that be possible in today's world?

Asked by rebbel (33676points) 1 month ago

Or a black male Muslim?

Can (mall) Santa’s role be ‘played’ by anyone, no matter their gender, religion, color, ideology?

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Can Lady Gaga play Whitney Houston in a Whitney movie?

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Given that St Nick was a Turk, he was a lot closer to a Sikh or a Black male Muslim than to a Northern European blonde man.

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As long as I get my train, I don’t care if he’s portrayed by Marvin the Martian or Michigan J. Frog.

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A female Sikh mall Santa; would that be possible in today’s world?

I think today’s world is the only time it would be possible. What’s that song by Cole Porter? “Anything Goes!”

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If they fit the job description and can manage a team of reindeer and deliver nine billion presents overnight on Christmas eve then I don’t see why not.

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Possible? Of course. It’s always been possible. I sat on the lap of a female Santa back about 1982. Eddie Murphy was Santa in Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood circa 1984.

As for @smudges ’ comment about “today’s world” being the only time it would be possible, take a look at these 1800’s Christmas cards . . .

Or maybe by “possible” you mean whether it’d be likely to be well-received in mainstream Oklahoma?

Here is an article about some intolerant British people getting outraged about Muslim Santa 4 years ago.

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@Zaku I don’t see what was Muslim about that Santa. He was just chocolate.

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@jca2 I think it is just a chocolate Santa (which they noticed shortly after objecting to a Tesco TV ad at Christmas time showing some Muslims), but apparently xenophobes in Britain are about as coherent as xenophobes in the USA.

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@Zaku, would that have been Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood?

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@kneesox Mr Robnson’s Neighborhood was a recurring skit on SNL featuring Eddie Murphy. Hilarious stuff.

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@LuckyGuy, oh, sorry, I didn’t know. Never saw it.

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@kneesox Here is an episode from 2019 . Eddie Murphy was the guest host on Saturday night Live that evening.
Enjoy. :-)

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@LuckyGuy, thanks. YouTube is about the only way I ever catch SNL.

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