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Why Do People Nickname Raccoons "Trash Pandas"? :)

Asked by King_Galaxius (307points) 1 month ago

I found this term hilarious on Instagram. :)

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“Trash Pandas” makes sense because raccoons share the black and white coloring of panda bears, but are similar in size and shape to a red panda. They also love trash.

They will also feed on fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds and trash, hence why they are sometimes referred to as trash pandas.

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We have plenty of them in my neighborhood.
They do look a little like pandas. And they will knock over and go through your trash cans unless you do something to scare them away. If you forget to close your garage door they will absolutely destroy any bird food containers you have stored.

Decades ago when we had barn cats a racoon got into my barn and opened the metal pull tops on about a dozen cans of cat food. It takes a lot of dexterity to do that.

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I got a cable and padlock for my garbage bin.
Yeah, the nickname fits.

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Pure and simple racism.

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It became popular terminology after Guardians of the Galaxy 2 came out.

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^^ True. Peter Quill referred to Rocket (who insists he’s not a raccoon despite looking just like one) as a Trash Panda.

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It gained popularity, but it was not new. I recall seeing it used here in the past. I feel like Ibstubro used it. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. ;-)

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It doesn’t hurt that it’s a cute name for an animal many harm intentionally, as well. They are pretty cute.

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Good name for them. They’re cute disease spreading prowlers of the garbage.

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The proper term should be trash ninja.

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