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What is your plan in winter ?

Asked by soldier18 (26points) December 4th, 2021

Winter is a time of exploring new things and visiting to new places. Let’s discuss about our winter plan?

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I live in Wisconsin. It’s a winter paradise. I like to visit state parks and hike. I also like to explore other nature areas to find migrating birds so I can photograph them.

Walking on frozen lakes is fun as well.

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One day, given a sunny forecast after a windy night of snow and sleet I’ll put on my hiking boots and head for the hills. The hills aren’t new to me but when they are covered in fresh snow they quietly shine as though newly created.

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I live in Tacoma where winters are mild. I plan on racing outrigger canoes in the Winter Series races in Oregon, Washington and Canada (in rivers, lakes and Puget Sound). Haven’t been able to do that the last couple years because of the virus. Miss it. So much fun.

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Eating, sleeping, Fluthering, YouTube and online shopping. For groceries and Amazon stuff.

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This is my first winter as a retired person, so I no longer will be fretting when it snows and dealing with whether to commute or stay home. My plans are to try to organize stuff in my house, maybe paint the living room, and otherwise, try to enjoy my time.

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My plan is to do more exercise outside, open my windows when it’s 70 degrees F outside, maybe do a weekend trip, and go swimming when it’s warm enough.

I’m in Florida.

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Depending on our bear problem this year, I hope to go out on the nearby trails to take more winter photographs.

I did some a few years ago ans self published those pictures in a book.

People asked me if I had gone to Alaska to get those and I laughed as it is just a short hike away from the downtown area and taken of the frozen river slates of ice that were pushed by nature close to the shoreline.

Further I was able to walk on very thick ice as many winter tourists had hundreds of footprints on it as it was secure.

Got some beautiful close ups of the rushing water which showed clearly the dark blue ice under the snow cover.

Why travel all around the world when right in your own backyard are fascinating wonders just outside ones doorsteps.

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My favorite winter activity is reading inside with a hot pot of tea and a fuzzy blanket.Today it’s almost 70F so I’m cleaning the yard and my husband is at deer camp.

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@KNOWITALL, deer camp…?

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Staying warm without going broke.

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@Jeruba…I wonder if the deer get sleeping bags and tents? Do they sit around around the camp fire singing “Doe. A deer. A female deer.”?

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@Jeruba The permanent camp in the deer-hunting woods.

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I will be out skiing. This is my winter norm since I was a teen. My goal is 25 outings.
I will also be going to Montana again this winter for a getaway. Dog mushing, sledding in Yellowstone and enjoying nature to the fullest. I also. have a trip planned to an island so I can kick start spring.

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