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Does your state list all covid cases in your state?

Asked by JLeslie (61784points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I’m interested in current cases and if your state only counts residents who are positive. I just read an article that Florida only counts residents. I’m really annoyed about that. I not only want anyone in the state counted, but I also want the number separated out on the weekly report how many are residents and how many non-residents.

I realize home tests are counted only if they are supervised by a medical professional, I’m just talking about the test that are reported, I can’t be concerned about tests that are never reported to begin with.

I figure a lot of tourists and people who just come for three months get sick here. I’m not sure if they are using a very technical definition of resident, or just if someone has a Florida address.

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My county reports to the state of Georgia, and the numbers are based on the number of positive tests in the county. This assembled from both medical offices (hospitals, doctors offices, etc.) and also from the drive-through testing facilities (which are required to report to the state).

There is no subcategory in the statistics for state residents versus non-state residents.

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@elbanditoroso Do you mean no subcategory on the form the labs report on? Or, do you mean no subcategory on the document that is published as public record with the compilation of all the data?

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Haven’t really looked into it. Being Texas I doubt it, they are still trying to play it down. More important things to deal with, like making abortion illegal and prosecutable, and fending off them libs who think we shouldn’t allow to bear arms in schools.

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No. If they do I haven’t noticed.

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I had to look to be sure they’re still doing it but Alaska is reporting not only resident cases, either by city or borough, but lists non-resident cases, too, with the name of the city they were found positive in after testing.

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@JLeslie Georgia Department of Health website – publically released information.

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I’m not 100% sure the journalist who wrote the article about Florida knows what they are talking. Plus, resident could mean anyone who has a residence here, or it could mean someone who has their primary residence here. It most certainly would exclude someone here for a week staying at a hotel if this reporter is right. I need to research it more.

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For now they do, but I suspect that will end when a Republican becomes our Governor.

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@kruger_d As far as I could tell, your state data doesn’t mention resident or not. I just saw on the Florida document it specifically says FL residents only. I’m not sure how the state is defining resident.

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My local news lists “new cases, ” by county. There is no further information declared.
I could probably find out more details, but it would not change my current wariness of the virus.

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@JLeslie “Resident” is – - -permanent address / where registered to vote. . . . .

Florida reports are bogus, DeSantis had the health department change the way the counted cases and deaths, new deaths are added each day, as the deaths are spread out over several days of data, as opposed to being reported on a single day.

Deaths are understated

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@Tropical_Willie Did you see that definition of resident on a Florida document specifically about covid counts?

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It is health department / CDC standard !

What DeSantis does is in Florida has nothing to do with either CDC or health departments. Hawaii reports for COVID-19 cases for their residents on vacation in Las Vegas, and mentions non-residents but don’t count them.

It must be great to be Governor of Florida because you can twist reality.

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