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Dolphins or pandas?

Asked by rebbel (33663points) 1 month ago

Or, sleek, fast, fun, and intelligent, or cuddly, soft, fun, and less intelligent?
Is it a black or white question?
Or boring gray?

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Panda’s what?

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Would you believe that I was debating using the one or the other (auto suggestion gave me both…), and now the edit window is closed…

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Do I have to choose? I love watching the vids of the pandas in the Chinese compounds being mischievous and spoiling all their caretakers efforts to clean up leaves. On the other hand, if I wanted to have a meaningful conversation or swim with another species, it would be dolphins, delfinitely!

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Looks or personality? It makes a difference. Just like for people

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No, wait. Dolphins. Yes. Dolphins for sure.

No! Pandas!

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There is no such thing as dophemonium.

I’d rather smell old bamboo than old fish.

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Never heard of a panda saving someone’s life.

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One of my two favorite animals is the orca which is actually the largest member of the dolphin family, so I would say dolphins.

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Probably dolphins if I have to pick.

Come over to Clearwater, FL and get in a boat that will take you out to see the dolphins.

They love to play in the wake behind the boat, you don’t need to cage them in to see them, they are swimming out in the open waters. It’s such a happy experience. Of course, you can see dolphins that are kept in pools, but it feels sad to me if I really think about it.

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I used to live in Clearwater as a child @JLeslie.

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Dolphins are famously rapey.
So, dolphins, of course.

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I’d bet dolphins taste better.

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Definately dolphins.

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@Dutchess_III Do you remember the dolphins?

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One is too intelligent for its own good. One is too stupid for its own good.

If I was being cynical, I would say neither.

But I say both, simply because they deserve to be here, with all the good and bad.

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@Dutchess Dolphins also form gangs, r*** and murder just for the fun of it.

Pandas just don’t have the brain capacity to do that.

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OMG I love pandas! I have panda socks, a panda robe, panda slippers, multiple stuffed pandas!!!!!!!!! They are just amazing and cute omg I love them so much!!!

This is not a debate. ALTHOUGH I do have a giant stuffed Dolphin…. It is like 4 feet long.

But still.

Pandas win.

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Sea Otters

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Dolphins. They come right me, when I am in my canoe. Often they seem to n escort me back to the landings at night fall. I think I got to know a certain family of them once. They even brought a newborn by, as if to introduce us. I don’t fish there anymore. So. I haven’t seen that pod, in a couple of years.
I miss them. I felt like part of the family. They truly made for some magical moments in my life.
Here in Charleston SC, the saltwater is full of them. I always seem to meet one or more, no matter where. It’s difficult not to personify their behavior.

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@JLeslie no. But I remember Jelly fish. Also some scary looking, gelatinous sea creature that got stranded at low tide at the bottom of the sea wall. Some kids threw rocks at it. It bled. :(

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@MrGrimm888 Did you hear about the birthing centers with dolphins? Very interesting.

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^My close friend used to work, was a doctor at the aquarium downtown. She taught me a lot about them. However. I haven’t seen her in a years, and don’t recall hearing about that.
I’ll look it up, and see if she still works there still. I I haven’t seen her, because she got married. She’s divorced now though.

The baby dolphin I new, was only a couple feet long, and he always announced his presence to me by blowing sloppy and loud out of his blow hole. He often startled me, emerging from the brown marshes near Wolf Island.

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@MrGrimm888 Sounds way cool, lucky.

I guess they had several birthing centers and people loved it. They smelled the blood and circled the mothers in a tight circle to protect them. It’s a good read and supposedly all those kids had higher IQ’s.

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When I took a dolphin cruise in Clearwater the captain of the boat told me just recently one of the dolphins stood tall and was shrieking preventing their boat from coming near an area. They could tell something was happening, because usually it feels like the dolphins recognize the boat and play in the waves. They cut the engines, and were concerned the dolphin needed help. They came to realize another dolphin was giving birth and the one dolphin was protecting the area.

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Dolphins. My bet friend is one.

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