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What’s your favorite rendition of your least favorite Christmas song?

Asked by rockfan (14515points) December 7th, 2021 from iPhone

For years I’ve disliked Bing Crosby’s Mele Kalikimaka for its bland instrumentation and underwhelming vocals. But I think Seth MacFarlane hits the song out of the park with his unapologetically campy rendition, he really leans into the cheesy aspect of the song and makes it entertaining:

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The worst carol is Santa Got Run Over By A Reindeer. There are no good new versions of it.
I suppose Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer is completely horrible. I enjoyed seeing sung on The Simpson’s

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My brain doesn’t work that way. If its a bad song, its a bad song. You can’t polish a turd!

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The arrangement of a song can completely change it though. For example I can’t stand Tears For Fears “Mad World” but Gary Jules version is incredible.

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