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Do you strip away the strings on the outside of celery before eating it?

Asked by JLeslie (61784points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Does it matter whether you are eating the celery raw or cooked?

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Nope. I trim the ends, right below the line where the leaves start, and most of the white part too.

But that’s it, then I fill with almond butter.

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Every time.

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I only like fresh (raw) celery – not cooked.

And no, too much affort to trum the strings. Besides, since i usually dip it in peanut butter, it doesn’t matter.

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If I am serving the celery raw with a dip i leave the strings on.
If I am using it to add a soft crunch to a sushi roll, I strip them off.

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I don’t eat celery. It’s filler, like raisins.

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Forgive my ignorance, but this question has been bugging me all day.

What strings? I am right now eating a stalk of celery with almond butter, there ain’t no strings. Is this ome kind of east coast string theory? Do we in California get stringless celery? Thses aren’t string beans!

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No, I love it just the way it is. With peanut butter or an onion/cream cheese dip. Yum.

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@zenvelo: If you tear it the long way, it can be fibrous, like strings.

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I didn’t realize they could be removed, lol.

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Use a potato peeler.

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No, I don’t see the point.

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No, but the rest of my family does.

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I’ll answer my question.

I never used to, and one day my MIL commented that I don’t remove them, and she found that unusual. I never even thought to do it before her comment. I didn’t know it was a thing. Now, I pull of a few sometimes, but very little.

I just became curious if most people were similar to my MIL in how they prepared celery.

@filmfann Do you use a peeler? You can just grab them at the top of a piece of celery with a knife and pull them off.

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No, because I prioritize fiber in my diet.

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Additionally, I sometimes put the celery leaves in salads. I throw them away most often, always seems like a shame, but they can be used in salads and to flavor soups.

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“Me too!”

Because you’re the one who inspired me to swallow cherry pits, I know you do too.

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@Brian1946: Great memory! Cherry pits and watermelon seeds!

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No. It never occurred to me to attempt that. It’s part of what makes celery celery.

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Sure do. Especially when I put it in a tuna salad. I hate it when you can’t tell if the string is celery or hair. But I don’t use a peeler. I cut at the bottom of the stalk and then with a knife I peel the edges up and grab a few strings at a time and pull them off.

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Have people become so fickle on food that this matters?

I have never ever stripped the collenchyma tissue. If I don’t want that texture in a specific dish, I buy celery hearts.

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