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Has anyone tried google chrome and what do you think?

Asked by dfwil145 (10points) September 14th, 2008


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Impressive and stunning .. I love the simplicity alas the speed that it gaves towards browsing experience.

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i’m using it right now. i use it for tabs that stay on for the entire day like yahoomail, fluther, netvibes, etc. for debugging and testing, Firefox is still FTW with Firebug.

Chrome is FAST.

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Thats the theme FASTER browsing…

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Yes. It’s very fast. Javascript is incredibly fast.

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Chrome is fast. Plus they’re quite clever with their tabs.
(Tabs from the same site are automatically grouped together.)

Though I forget exactly why, but my friend said that there were some encryption issues and not to visit any shady sites while using the Beta version. Damn it! What about my porn?

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Chrome is the best. I have been using it since the day they launched it and I have been very happy. It was a little buggy at first but they quickly released updates that solved my issues.

The only negative was that my favorites did not import correctly so I had to copy the folder directly. Not really a big deal.

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I really love it. The setup is great, but I can’t use it at work because my top visited sites aren’t entirely work-related. At home it rocks though.

Apparently there is a big security hole right now—a friend of mine warned me not to use it until they patched it up, but I can’t really give more info than that (sorry!).

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So far thumbs up yeahhhh

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From what i’ve used on Windows its great, but on OS X, simply because i Chrome doesn’t exist there yet, i haven’t used it. But i cant imagine it would replace me using the Webkit nightly, which thanks to Squirrelfish Extreme, which is incredibly fast at both rendering the page and processing the javascript.

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