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When can I visit the famous museums in Balboa Park free of cost?

Asked by tayloy79 (1points) September 15th, 2008

What is the right to visit Balboa Park and how can I visit it free of cost ?

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You can visit Balboa Park anytime, there are musuems that are free of cost, however there are some that will ask for a small fee. If you are a student, military, etc.. Just show your ID and you will get some sort of a deal.

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It’s worth checking into a City Pass if you’re wanting to see many of them. You can spend all day or even two going from place to place. I remember a couple of places being free, but most of them aren’t.

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Actually, thery have what are known as “Free Tuesdays” in Balboa Park. It occurs on a rotating basics and comes with some stipulations for some of the museums, such as being a San Diego County resident or part of the military.

You can find more specific info here their website.

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You can visit the breathtaking museums in Balboa Park without entry fee on rotating Tuesdays. Each museum is open to public on one Tuesday of the month. Botanical Building, Timken Museum of Art and Lily Pond are always free. So you can check them out anytime.

If you are in San Diego during the first Tuesday of the month, then you can see the Model Railroad Museum Natural History Museum and Reuben H. Fleet Science Center for free.

On second Tuesday of the month, you can visit Hall of Champions Sports Museum, Historical Society Museum and Museum of Photographic Arts.

On third Tuesday you can walk into the Japanese Friendship Garden and the Mingei International Museum without entry fee.

If you are visiting Balboa Park on the fourth Tuesday, you can check out the Aerospace Museum and the Automotive Museum.

For more information check:

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while you are there check out happy hour at The Prado. It is nestled in the heart of park, and happy hour is a great deal with a beautiful setting!

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