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Do you eat or drink something you see at work and cannot identify it's owner?

Asked by XrayGirl (529points) September 15th, 2008

you know, maybe like a coke that has been in the fridge a while. a bag of chips that no one claims, a candy bar left on the mircowave….Did you ever go to retrieve something, and it was gone?

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Hell no. I work in a hospital. I try very hard not breathe while I’m at work never mind picking up and putting in my mouth randon stuff I find lying about in it.

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free food always tastes better ;)

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No, no, no.

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Someone is always leaving baked goods, leftover birthday cake, veggies from a garden, etc. in our breakroom. No one ever thinks twice about “taking” something from the table that is in there. However, stuff in the fridge is off-limits to the free-for-all. We clean the fridge/freezer once a month and whatever is left in there gets pitched, container and all. (we put up signs to remind everyone, take it or it gets pitched!)

I had a frozen entree disappear from the freezer once. I put a sign up asking that it be replaced, and the next day it was!

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We had a very similar question about 2 months ago. Be sure to read all the way to the end, as it appears not to have turned out that well. The questioner has not signed into fluther since shortly after telling us what happened.

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There are six members of my family. So whenever we bought a six pack of soda, everyone would get one (and only one). My brother would chug his first and would make a game of schnaking the younger kids’ sodas when they weren’t looking.

I liked to save mine. But the longer I saved it, the more likely it would get downed by my brother. So I thought of a scheme to get him back. The next time I got a soda, I barely cracked the tab on top. Patiently drained it and refilled it with tap water. (The opening was very, very small. From a quick glance, it looked almost pristine.) Then I hid it in the back of the fridge with a note pleading that no drink it.

The next night I hear a surprised yowling from the kitchen. Tap water isn’t so bad. But if you’re expecting a nice bubbly Coke and you get a mouthful of tap mixed with flat Coke, it can be kind of gross. snicker

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@Nimis: Your story reminded me of a similar one in my family. Before the days of automatic ice makers in refrigerators, we had a family problem of reaching in, only to find an empty ice cube try, or maybe one or two cubes left. We also had 6 in the household, and my mom would always yell at the kids to stop doing that and refill the tray. One by one, we all went off to college and the problem still persisted. I was the last one at home and alone for nearly two years, so I was constantly blamed.

I then went off to college, and my parents moved to Hawaii. The fridge still had no ice maker, and the problem continued. The first break, I come home and lo and behold, one has been specially installed. It was a gift from my dad to my mom. He had finally been caught. He had never denied it, because she never blamed him.

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Seesul: Hahaha…nice. Do you remember Not Me from the Family Circus cartoon strips?

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I remember not me!

And to answer the question… absolutely not!! Eww, Who leaves candy bars on the microwave?

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Not me!

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Him again? ha ha!!

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If it’s not yours, it’s NOT yours!

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If I didn’t put in in there, it is someone else’s. No, never.

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