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Have you ever seen justice served to a nasty airline passenger?

Asked by Love_my_doggie (13032points) December 21st, 2021

There have been numerous reports of people behaving outrageously during air travel, sometimes physically attacking flight attendants or other passengers. Clearly, the problem grew, and continues to do so, thanks to COVID.

Have you ever witnessed such an incident, either before or during the pandemic? If yes, how did it end?

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I have not.

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I’ve never experienced a big nasty passenger scene.

One time a man insisted on sitting in my dad’s seat, my dad was really annoyed and started to argue with him, but I could see the man was impaired in some way so I told my dad it’s ok. I was a teenager at the time, 3.5 hour flight. It could have become a scene, although probably the young man would have been obedient to flight attendant telling him to move, but who knows.

As we were standing in line for immigration a woman came up to me and apologized and said her brother had some sort of cognitive issue (I don’t remember the term she used) and that she saw we let him sit in my dad’s seat. Aisle seat by the way, a good seat.

That’s the closest I’ve come to any sort of difficulty on board that could have escalated.

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I won’t fly. And that’s just one more good reason to avoid it at all costs.

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@Nomore_lockout If your grandchildren lived on the other side of the country and that was the only way to see them, you might fly.

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I’d drive. Getting there is half the fun. And I don’t have to deal with some psychotic freak in my own vehicle. @janbb

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I don’t have to deal with some psychotic freak in my own vehicle.

Ok. Now THAT was funny @Nomore_lockout!

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LOL @Dutchess_III Well that is just plain cold blooded Dutchy. I have some issues, but I don’t think I am THAT bad!

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The only troublemaker on an airplane I have ever had any sympathy for is / was D. B. Cooper. I hope he made it alive and enjoyed his ill-gotten gains. He may have been a crook, but at least he didn’t hurt anyone, and had no intentions of hurting anyone. The bomb was fake, it was all just a mind game to get his money.

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I’ll never wash my back again : )

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In all my years of flying, Nope.
Only one flight Post COVID.

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I haven’t flown in about four years, so that was before all the current “people going off” that the airlines have been experiencing more frequently, lately.

About 20 years ago, I went to California and when we were coming back, we were among the last to board and the stewardesses announced that the luggage holds above the seats were all full, so any carry ons would have to be checked in baggage check. One of the passengers who was also last to board started yelling that the reason why the holds were all full was that the crew wasn’t enforcing the one bag per passenger rule. Some airport security came and escorted him back up the tube, never to be seen again. I had a private conversation with one of the baggage handlers and explained that I had a shopping bag with some breakable stuff and I said my skeleton goblets aren’t going to surive in the baggage hold. He said “don’t worry, I’ll find room for you” and he took the shopping bag and found space in the overhead. That was the closest I ever came to witnessing anybody acting inappropriately.

@Nomore_lockout: Driving cross country might be an adventure, but if you had limited time off work or you weren’t getting paid for any time off work, spending 5 or 6 days driving each way wouldn’t be very practical.

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I’ll work something out, will not fly post 9/11. No way Jose. Anyway that was only a hypothetical situation. All of my grand kids are either living with me, or a 30 minute drive to another nearby town. I do enjoy road trips though. Have ever since I was a little tyke.

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@Nomore_lockout Not a hypothetical situation for me with grandkids in Paris and one in California. And I would not drive alone across the entire country.

But each to his own and you’re lucky that you don’t have to.

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@janbb I only meant it was hypothetical in my own case, I wasn’t speaking for anyone else. And I can’t blame a woman for not wanting to make a drive like that. But in my case it would be an adventure.

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In the mid 1980s, it was Delta Airlines. This guy was escorted by two gentlemen in Delta sports jackets to the front of the line, at the gate in the airport. Story was he got drunk on a Delta flight the night before with his own booze. Took a swing at a member of the crew.

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