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What should I do after using steroids?

Asked by BlakeMonster (2points) December 22nd, 2021


My main concern is whether I can go to a doctor for advice and help without my mother knowing what I’ve done.

About me:
I’m 15 (since August) and I’ve used Sarms (RAD140) and D-Bol (Rad140 for 5 months and the last 2 months combined with D-Bol).
Basically it worked as I expected, I was pretty skinny before and gained 35 pounds (I now have visible abs, the chest is always split and veins got visible on my arms).

The problem:
I have some problems with my chest, my nipples are protruding a lot now, it’s the entire area around them. It’s enough that it can even be seen through most of my clothes (when I measure the nipple area it sticks out almost 1 inch)

And i hope it’s okay to link a image of my body

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You must see a doctor. Your folks need to know. This could be life threatening. You can’t do it alone.

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Yes, you can go to the doctor, and unless you’re in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, they can keep your conversation confidential. It is also ok to call the office and ask them to verify that before you tell them what’s going on.

Think about talking to your mom about what’s going on with you. Do you want to avoid telling her because you’re embarrassed, or because she’s an unreasonable person?

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