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To those who send out Christmas and holiday cards, do you keep track of who you've received from, and adjust your list accordingly?

Asked by jca2 (16464points) December 25th, 2021

When making a list of people to send Christmas and holiday cards to, do you keep track of who has and hasn’t sent you a card and adjust your list accordingly? If a friend or family has not sent you a card in a few years, will you send them a card anyway?

I have a list of about 60 people I send cards to – friends, family, past co-workers, my daughter’s former teachers, etc. People I haven’t seen in years that I want to reach out to, people who may not be on social media who I want to let know that I am thinking of them. Some people I will drop off the list because we move on but I don’t have any hard and fast rules.

A friend told me if someone hasn’t sent her a card in a year or two, she crosses them off her list. That is one logical way of looking at it. I don’t do that but I know some people do. What do you do?

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Aw, hell no. I send out cards about every five years, just becauseI want to. I grew up in a culture of obligation and reciprocity, where copious notes were made on who sent what, how personal the cards were (photos, expensive, generic, sparkles ooh, tacky!) or not. What was the level of relationship, family, friends, business, etc. date of arrival, stuff like that.
It was a nightmare time of year as my mother freaked out for weeks, imagining slights, deciding who to slight, and so on.

Now, I love getting some cards, and sometimes I enjoy sending them. Pretty sure my holidays are much happier than hers ever were.

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I don’t think I’ve ever sent out cards. For a long time I continued to get cards but from the older generation. Now I only get one and it’s from my cousin and I always contact him to say thank you!

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I send out about 60 cards, and my wife sends out 40 more.
We do not keep track of who we don’t receive cards from, so we do not adjust downward, but we do add names for people who send us cards.
We don’t send cards to get them. We send them out to share our joy for the season!

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Oh. And my dad’s wife never failed to send Christmas and Birthday cards. She also sent anniversary cards.
One year I asked her “How long have Rick and I been married?”
She laughed and laughed! Ever since then she’d send a card that included the number of years we were married.
She died in September. I miss her.

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My mom sends out the yearly Christmas cards, usually accompanied by a personalized message and a photo of me and my siblings (and now, my sister’s husband and kids). My mom will take people off the list if they’re no longer sending anything, but it’s not about being slighted, it’s about lightening the workload.

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