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Are there any Auto-Tune Devices?

Asked by GorillaWolf04 (18points) December 26th, 2021 from iPhone

I was looking for selection of them but could only find Platform Apps/Programs/Software & desktop applications that required subscription services (w/ a Plan & Pricing) I just want a Plug-in apparatus, device, equipment, gadget, gear, mechanism, tool, etc. It’s my first time buying one you see what I’m trying to say here is their device of a specific brand I should know of that’s like that

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None I’m aware of. it’s software. You’ll need a mic, interface and a computer to run it.

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Audacity audio editor software with GVST GSnap pitch correction plugin.

Youtube – Auto-Tune Your Voice For Free

Not something I have tried, just something I googled up.

I also found that Auto-Tune is trademark for Antares products. Pitch correction is the generic term. If you want the robotic effect, look for vocoder.

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