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What was the name of that fruit filled cookie?

Asked by emotionalgoat (12points) September 15th, 2008

I remember seeing these fruit filled cookies in the stores up till about the early 90s. I’m trying to find the brand name. All the dimensions are guesses.

What I remember:
1. the plastic wrapped package was the same size and shape as a package of sugar wafers, about 4” x 10”. I think the plastic was opaque purple.
2. The same length and width as the package, were many long thin (about 1/4”) “sheets” of cookie, 10 to 15 stacked to a package.
3. The outside appearance of the cookie “sheet” was pale beige, pricked like a cracker, and perforated, so as to be broken apart into 4–6 separate cookies per sheet (same idea as a graham cracker),
4. the outside part of the cookie “sheet” was almost like newton, but much thinner, paler, and more firm.
5. the edges of the cookie “sheet” were either wavy or scalloped.
6. I’m almost positive that the filling was of raisin.

Any help is appreciated… I don’t think my memory is perfectly accurate, so if there’s anything you can add to the description, I’d appreciate that very much as well. :D

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Fig newton?

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is this in the US?

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@delirium: not a newton, #4 references them

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sorry, yes, this was in the US, in Colorado.

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Sunshine Golden Raisin Biscuits. Sunshine was bought out by Keebler and they were discontinued. They were around at least as early as the 50’s. Until I read your question, I didn’t even realize they were gone. There is another similar cookie called Sultana but the only ones that I can find online have apple in them as well

RATS!!!, now I want some. They were my mom’s favorite and she always used to have a package of them on the counter when I’d go over to visit.

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lol seesul how could you possibly know that

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Oh thank you so much Seesul! That’s perfectly correct! Now I’m sad to learn that they’re gone, but I least I don’t feel like I was hallucinating about them.

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Actually, they were first made by Garibaldi, which I believe was absorbed by Sunshine. I remember that because the garibaldi is the state saltwater fish of California. How do I know that? I went on a glass bottom boat in Catalina after a storm and they were “patrolling” their sectors. Very noticeable after the bottom of the ocean has been scrubbed clean. I used to watch them as a kid, thinking they were huge goldfish.

If you have a British food store near you, you might be able to find the Sultanas and try them. I wonder if there is a decent recipe around for them?

I really need a cookie now

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As an inside, my son did a report for an international business class where he did a case study of Bimbo Grupa . Bimbo US is a subsidiary of that Mexican company and you’d be amazed at all of the former US bakeries that it now owns. Go to the page, skip the intro and then press the button under Bimbo Brands. You’ll be surprised, I think, at how many of the breads in US markets they own.

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Browsing around on the first site you referenced, I found something called “Crawford’s Garibaldi” which looks pretty much the same. Lots of online purchasing options mentioning of “if you miss Sunshine’s biscuit, try these,” and so on. Next time I find an import store, I’ll know what to ask for!

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Oooh, I like the surreal 80s Sci-Fi intro on the page, already. I’ll bet the rest of the site isn’t that exciting ;)

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I did see a comment from a dollar store shopper site (didn’t know they had those) about someone who tried the Sultana’s brand, but they were made in Asia. They didn’t like them at all, and mentioned that they were hard. Sounds like they were stale, as those things had to be wrapped tightly if you were in a dry climate or they would get tough.

The Mexican site only lists some of the brands, go to the US site if you want to see them all.

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@Seesul – sultanas are the british term for golden raisins. I think you’ll find that is the ingredient in the cookies, not the actual brand.

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@Tanti. I have friends in NZ, so I am familiar with that. The thing that led me to believe it was part of a brand name was the packaging in the link I gave above, but you are correct, searching more, I found more companies that use it in the name, they just don’t print it as large.

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I’m an aussie, so I was sure that was where the confusion may have been. Kind of like with chocolate chip cookies. Different brands, most called chocolate chip cookies.

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