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What is the best DSLR? Best Brand?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) September 15th, 2008

When you are looking at DSLR’s if money wasnt an object, meaning you could spend $8000 for the EOS1 Mark 3 if you wanted. What camera would you buy? From what I look at it would be between the EOS1 and the D3 from Nikon. Whats your opinion. Whats the better brand? What do more professionals use?

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If money was no object, I would want to get this dream camera

But let’s get real… I don’t have $36,000 to spend. YIKES!!

You have asked a loaded question in that I can guarantee you will get answers that “Nikon is best” or “Canon is best.” Here’s what I would buy. If money is not a reasonable object, I would stick with Canon. Why? I like the way the camera feels in my hand. It’s easy to use (because all I have ever used is Canon). And I have a ton of Canon lenses, so that kinda keeps me in the Canon fold.

What’s the better camera? I think both of them are great cameras. Both companies make great lenses. You won’t go wrong with either of them. Go play with one and see which one you like to use the best. That’s what it really comes down to. I know many photographers, and I would say the split is still 50–50 between Canon and Nikon.

So Canon would be my choice.

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I’m with @sacaver. That is a loaded question! Lets just put it simply both are great cameras. It’s more personal preference than anything else. Me I’m a Nikon girl. I’ve been using Nikon since College. I still have my FM-2 and lenses for that.

Now my advice is always if your using a Nikon now and like it then stay with Nikon. If your using a Canon now and like it stay with Canon. Moving to a very expensive camera is not the time to jump brands!

If I could afford it I would go to a D3, or what ever Nikon has at the time on the top.

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Ultimately, you’ll probably get better pictures with a $2000 camera and a bunch of photography classes. Having the best camera that money can buy isn’t useful unless you have the photography skill to take good pictures with it. And I have to agree with the top two posters, its personal preference. If you’re asking this question, you should probably 1) take classes, and 2) play with the cameras at a store to see which one feels better to you.

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oh I’m already taking classes and I own a Canon. I’m honestly just curious.

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I’ve heard it said that Canon is a fine camera made by/for engineers, while Nikon is a fine camera made by/for photographers.

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I currently have a ancient NIKON e990 point and shoot. I am planning to upgrade to a d60 this winter.

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@robmandu Nikon started-off as a medical lens maker.

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If you have a Canon then stick with that unless you don’t like it. But for the most part you are already used to the particulars of the brand so stick with it then. It will work to your benefit.

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Today, Canon announced their new and updated version of the 5D. The 5D Mark II ! Looks amazing and has loads of improvements. Check out the hands-on preview on!

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It’s like say which is better.. a apple or a pear?

no brand is “better” it depends on what you want, but personally if you want your had to hurt after holding a camera which just plain hurts the hand get a Canon, Nikons fit hands like gloves I can hold my tiny D40 all day and won’t get a cramp, I can hold my mom’s Canon XTi or even my dad’s new 40D and my hand hurts within 10 minutes.

it just depends on what you want, and it goes beyond ergonomics, it’s a machine, you just have to find what you like it is like buying a computer, Windows, Mac, or Linux, its just whatever you want to work with, whatever you are most comfortable with.

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Jesus… just saw some video clips in FullHD taken with the Canon 5D mkII. Amazing looking stuff. That camera is just the nicest thing out there right now!

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Ya the 5D mark 2 is pretty awesome right now.

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Money no object I’d choose the Nikon D3. Canon and Nikon split 80% of the entire market evenly. I’ve used a Nikon D200 for ages and like the fact that it’s built like a pro camera despite being sort of intermediate/enthusiast level.

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The hyperbolic best ends up being a matter of opinion and application.

Best value DSLR for an amateur right now, in my opinion, is the Canon Rebel T3i, because it has a lot of tech from much higher end Canons, including the 18 Mpixel sensor from the 7D, and it sells for less than 800$.

If you have a big bankroll you can step up to the splendid models mentioned above. Take a look at Leica while you’re at it. And if you really have big aspirations, take a look at medium format cameras which are capable of producing image files of quality superior to any DSLR.

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