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I have a coworker who talks on his cell phone while he's using the restroom -- does anyone else think that's weird?

Asked by Rickisgirl (285points) September 15th, 2008
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My dad does that and I think it is gross.

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Only if the camera feature is used.

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How do you know what a “HE” does in the bathroom?

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Because we share a bathroom, and it’s between our offices!

Oh… and I’m stalking him.

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I have gone into thebathroom at work to use the phone since I am not allowed to use it at work but I don’t use it while I am going just while I am there leaning on a sink

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If the sound is THAT clear in the bathroom next to you RG, I personally would NEVER use it!

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Yes. I think it’s weird. I see it more often than I’d like. I have coworkers who use their phones while at the urinal.

I also have a (female) roommate who is on her phone while on the toilet (I know because I can hear both sounds simultaneously from the living room…). It’s weird and a little gross in my mind.

You are not that important. Whatever you have to say can be said after you’ve finished urinating.

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I wouldn’t know he was doing it, except he’s one of those people who thinks they need to yell when they’re on their cell phone. And then I hear the flush. Ugh.

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It disturbs me when people do this. Especially, when I go in and notice someone else is in a stall, it’s quiet, then suddenly they SAY something. Huh? Are they talking to me? LOL! No, because they then carry on a conversation. Most of the conversations I’ve overheard are chit-chatty, nothing of an emergency kind that they couldn’t wait until their done with business on the toilet. We have a little foyer going into the restroom, I’d think that would be a more appropriate place if they want privacy, or maybe a conference room with a door.

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I must admit I have called someone when they have not come out in a long while and I was concerned about them.

There has been a report that the engineer in the fatal train wreck in LA was texting just before it occurred. It will be interesting to see the follow up on that one.

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my mom did that when i as sick on my stomach at work. She couldn’t leave our department so she called to see if I was ok

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I tried doing this once, but it felt very awkward. You don’t want the person on the other end to know you’re doing it. It’s not fun for anyone involved, so I don’t think it should be done except under extreme circumstances.

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as I said I will ue the roomfor a call but not while doing business… feels too awkward and I feel shy that they can hear me tinkle…....

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I HATE THAT!! What is so freaking important that you can’t call back in two minutes?

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Not on his cell phone exactly, but…someone once told me about how this guy in their office totally violated the guy code (of not taking the urinal next to someone if another is open). That just made me laugh at guys and their guy codes.

But then he tells me the guy busts out his Blackberry and starts checking his work email. The guy is texting with one hand, while holding his equipment in the other and then…to top it all off, he starts humming Flight of the Bumblebee.

Now, that’s weird.

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Obnoxious, disgusting, self-centered…

…now, Fluthering on the can is another story.

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Remember this one?

Leaving Minnesota for Colorado, I decide to make a stop at one of those rest areas on the side of the road. I go in the washroom. The first stall was taken so I went in the second stall. I just sat down when I hear a voice from the next stall…

- “Hi there, how is it going?”

Okay, I am not the type to strike conversations with strangers in washrooms on the side of the road. I didn’t know what to say so finally I say:

- “Not bad…”

Then the voice says:

- “So, what are you doing?”

I am starting to find that a bit weird, but I say:

- “Well, I’m going back to Colorado…”

Then I hear the person say all flustered:

- “Look I’ll call you back, every time I ask you a question this idiot in the next stall keeps answering me.”

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my friend’s exboyfriend always used to talk to her while he was taking a poo. I don’t remember exactly how she found out (I think he told her) but we were both pretty repelled.

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he’s cheating.

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@ charlie company—what??? I can hear his conversations.

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I do it. It’s down time. It is better than reading something I really dont care to read. Sometimes I text too.

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I do it all the time with a bluetooth headset on..handsfree baby!!

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I gave this answer on another Fluther question. it seems to fit both questions:

Wife and i were eating in a restaurant. man in a booth three down from, began talking loudly on his cellphone. he was talking to his cellphone carrier about his bill. his voice was so loud that he could be heard without a cellphone to his company. he was disturbing everyone in the restaurant. went over to him and said shhhhhhhhhh! the man jumps up and heads to the mens restroom. he was sitting on a throne and stilling yelling into his cellphone. we could still hear him at our booth.I was determined to have my dinner in peace. i go into the mens restroom. i turn on all the water faucets. i flush the four urinals and i hit the switch on the the two LOUD hand dryers. i walk back to my booth. within one minute, this man walks out of the restroom and leaves the restaurant. my wife gives me a “high five” and a hand clap from the other restaurant customers.

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