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Did anyone else connect two nine volt batteries to stay warm in the winter?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23821points) December 31st, 2021

They would get so hot that they would melt.

Did you do that?

Can you suggest using them for other ways to heat? Like to boil water?

What other clever things did you do?

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My brother tests 9v on his tongue to find out how much juice they have.
\ /

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Start a fire with steel wool and touch the terminals to the steel wool.

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@Tropical_Willie, what would that do?

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I have… certain playthings that use batteries, but not that size ;)

If you really needed emergency heat, I guess you could connect the batteries to a tiny DC electric heater. But my best advice is to make friends with someone who has a fireplace.

I’m pulling for ya!

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Lol @JLoon I wouldn’t want to hazard a guess as to what those migjt be ; )

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I use my tongue to test 9V batteries too. Way better than a multimeter.

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This is a waste of a good 9V battery. It is like heating your home by burning violins in your fireplace. Sure you could do it, but why?
A 9 volt battery, when discharged slowly will put out a total of 5.5 watt hours of energy/heat.
When discharged quickly it will only put out 1 to 2 watt hours.
At the max 5.5 watt hours that is only 18 BTUs. If you pee into an 8 ounce cup and let that cool down to room temperature you will release about 35 BTUs. Double your 9 volt battery output.
A match releases about 1 BTU of heat. A matchbook has much more heat.
If you need to warm your hands, pee into a cup and hold it, or use a match book to set something on fire. Don’t waste a perfectly good 9 V battery. It is far better to use it in electronic devices.

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> like heating your home by burning violins in your fireplace

Beautiful analogy.

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