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Are you a "sugar first" or "milk first" person?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) September 15th, 2008

When eating a dry cereal for breakfast, do you put the sugar on first, and then the milk, or do you do it the opposite way?

The reason I ask this question, is because people who see me put the milk on first, think that I am strange or weird, but I used to put the sugar on first, then have the milk (supposedly) cause the sugar to be depisited on each flake (or whatever) as the milk heads towards the bottom of the bowl, but that did not give me a “sugary enough” taste, so a country cousin of mine told me that the best way to eat cereal, is to put the milk on first, then the sugar, so that your cereal has a sweeter taste to it, when you first start to eat it.

If I can purchase a pre-sweetened cereal, I usually will.

So, if you eat cereals for breakfast, what’s your sugar/milk “order preference?”

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milk only.

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Sugar first, “stir” the dry cereal so all sugar goes to the bottom, then milk. With each spoonful, dig deep to pick up some sugar for each bite.

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sugar, then milk.

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Don’t use sugar. In fact, I usually have a bagel for breakfast.

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I usually add sweet fruit instead of sugar (if it isn’t already part of the cereal) like raisins, dates, bananas…......and then milk.

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Lucky Charms for me!

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Milk then sugar back in the days of kid-hood when I did this. Now it is sweet enough coming out of the box! I don’t know if they’ve added sugar or I just appreciate sugar less.

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I usually go sugar first.

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Sugar first.

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Sugar and milk do not mix! Eugh! If I eat sugary cereal, I eat it dry. The only cold cereal I eat with milk are things like Cheerios, Wheaties, plain shredded wheat, Chex, etc.

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Ever tried maple syrup on Wheaties? nom nom nom.

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You are kidding!

Aren’t you?

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Not one bit. You’ll thank me later.

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[writes that down]

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Is this an American thing? Western thing?? I have never heard of anyone sprinkling sugar on cereal! (I’m in Canada)

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It is done in the USA, if the person is eating a non-pre-sweetened cereal.

BTW, didja know that Kellogg’s has a cereal plant in London, Ontario?

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That’s interesting – the fact that a processed food like cereal needs sugar. Altho we have our own oddities; I thought ketchup chips were totally legit until I realised they seem to be an exclusively Canadian thing.

If that plant has a museum or gift shop I’m totally there. London’s only a few hours from Toronto!

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No sugar. Even as a kid I didn’t like it on cereal.


Milk and sliced bananas with my cereal, and just a sprinkle of sugar, “after
the milk and bananas.

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Back when I ate sugar and cereal, I’d put a tiny bit of milk on first so that the sugar would stick to the flakes. Then I’d put on a little bit of sugar and then milk.

Now I can’t eat any cereal at all—not even Super Colon Blow uber healthy kinds. Very very sad.

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