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What are some good beers to try for someone who does not really like the taste of beer?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12799points) January 2nd, 2022

I like fruity vodka drinks like Smirnoff ice, seagrams spiked, mikes harder lemonade. I am drinking a Stray Forth Guava and Hibiscus hard seltzer (beer and seltzer) and I don’t mind it too much. It’s a bit bitter and taste like beer obviously, but the fruity stuff kinda balances it out.

I had a Leinenkugel’s beer over the summer. Can’t remember the flavor but it was super good. Something amber I think??

Anyways, I just like trying new things. Really don’t drink often and if I do it’s just one can/bottle a night. I turned 21 a month ago and find it interesting all the different types of stuff that exist.

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Irish Creamed Bailey’s. Also Apple Sandgria. I liked when I was allowed to have it.
Now I have milk, tap water, Koolaide and name brand cola. Ooh and chocolate milk.

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There are any number of good beers out there you might like. Sounds like you don’t like the uber-hoppy ones, so I’d avoid IPAs or porters or stouts. I’d stick to lagers, pilsners, or some ales. It also sounds like you like fruit flavored drinks. Here are some suggestions:

Wild Blue
which has a good blueberry flavor
Summer Shandy which is the Leinenkugel beer I believe you were looking for. Leinie can be a hit or miss brand though so while this one is good, another might not be.
Shock Top Belgium White Ale is good, especially if you put an orange slice into it.

Corona with a wedge of lime in it is also good.

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Vita-Malz? I do not know, I am not interested in gateway drugs.

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Forget about drinking beer. It’s disgusting. If you want to live a healthy life then lay off drinking all alcoholic drinks and all other recreational drugs.
Good health! Stay strong!

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I can recommend Peroni Nastro Azzurro, a nice pale lager. It’s an Italian beer, popular in the UK. I’m not sure if you can get it in the States.

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Sour beers may be worth trying. Many have those fruity notes that you seem to be a fan of.

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Meh, I’m like you, I like fruity drinks and White Russians and even a gin and lemonade is okay, but the most I could say about any beer is that I “don’t mind” it but I don’t think I’ll ever truly like it (apologies to my dad who enjoys home brewing; I always have to pass on trying what he’s created) despite the many different types I’ve tried. I feel like it’s something you either love or don’t.

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From an ex beer maker here: I will say that it’s an acquired taste and once you get that taste domestic beer and fruity drinks will be your least favorite. IMO beer is even more diverse than wine as far as what beer goes with what food and at what time/occasion. For fruity flavors that are not based on artificial flavorings I’d go with a session IPA of some sort. They’re lower gravity so you can enjoy one or two without getting a buzz. Suggest one-y ipa

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I also do not like the taste of beer. What I’ve done that is fun though is find a bar that offers a local beer sampler. 4–6 small glasses of locally produced beers in a variety of flavors. Get some appetizers and it’s a fun way to try different ones and see what you like.

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I’m in my mid 50’s and I never liked the taste of beer. Never ever, and I would never try to drink it just for the sake of drinking it, or trying to make myself like it. The only time I might enjoy a beer is if it’s really hot out, and there’s nothing else to drink, and someone has beer. That’s happened maybe three times in my life. Otherwise, no thank you, plus the calories.

My grandfather was an alcoholic and a lot of the friends I had when I was young were alcoholics, and are now either dead or sober. One just posted on FB today that he’s 37 years sober today. I think of drinking as a slippery slope, for many people, if you have a family history of it or problems with coping skills, or other issues, it can be a slide down into more and more drinking.

Stick to water or something else.

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I’m with @gondwanalon. While beer can be an acquired taste for some people, why actively seek a taste for something that isn’t healthy?

I happen to love beer. But that means that I’m drinking 200+ calories for each decent beer. And years of alcohol most definitely can’t be good for my liver, etc. I’m also fighting severe depression right now, so I’ve cut out almost all alcohol. Alcohol can contribute to depression, and getting too much of a taste for it can mean you’re addicted. And that’s no joke.

@SergeantQueen: “Anyways, I just like trying new things.”

I get that, and I hate to be the guy who appears to be squashing curiosity. But there are so many healthy (or more neutral) things to develop a taste and curiosity for. Just a thought.

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Pilsners and pale ale perhaps. I stick mainly to Modelo Gold and Heineken.

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Stick with something local. You might like New Glarus Spotted Cow.

(On that note, I’m doing dry January with hopes to continue past January. I understand where you are coming from because of the drinking culture in our state.)

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Just to add a bit more info about sour beers, a lot of people who enjoy wine more than beer tend to prefer them over other beer styles. This article gives some popular examples and explains the flavor profiles.

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The best thing to do, if you’re really interested, is to go to a local brewery and ask for a taster flight.

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Work up a sweat, then have an ice cold Michelob ultra afterward.

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Blond beers are a bit zingy, bit sweet.
But I want to give you this added advice: these days (at least where I live; Europe) there are many, very good, very tasty, non-alcoholic beers to get.
Why not try those.

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Iced tea. If someone doesn’t like the taste of beer there is no reason to try to like beer.

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Long Island iced tea if you want a buzz too.

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I like long island ice tea!

I appreciate all the concern about the alcohol (for some reason…?) But that isn’t really what I was asking.

Thanks for the people who suggested stuff!

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Personally, I am moving away from IPAs and going towards ales and blonds for the lighter flavors.

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@RocketGuy You and I need to have a conversation.

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@RocketGuy Are you a fan of cream ales?

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I’ll have to try that.

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I like Blue Moon, a Belgian-style with hints of citrus and coriander. Smooth and bright.

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Try root beer. You can always spike it with some vodka.

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Root beer is vile. It is bubbly, cloying and happy. It is insidious.

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I agree with @ragingloli on this. I have had good root beer once or twice, but normally it’s terrible.

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Most root beers are caffeine free. I like A&W and Mug root beers. Though I prefer name brand Coke-A-Cola. I stopped drinking pop for a bit. Too see if my health improves. Been pop sober since December 26th/2021. Though I still drink Koolaide Jammers.

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@ragingloli I thought your quote seemed familiar! It’s been years since I saw that.

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We have some great root beer here in Wisconsin. Y’all missing out.

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@Jonsblond Yeah, I’ve had some yummy stuff. Sprechers is the bomb.

We also have great beers, too. Or so I’ve heard, I just have to get the courage to buy some!

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