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What are some services shortages that you have, or had, in your area?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23482points) January 2nd, 2022

I hear about shortages of goods, from toilet paper to ramen noodles, but rarely do we hear about services shortages, till it is bad.

For example:

In B.C. Towing, and boost, last week was three day wait.
Edmonton homeless shelters where at capacity.
In Vancouver plumbing was also a three day wait even for emergencies. From pipes freezing and bursting.

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Also airport staff.

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Based on my observations, for decades we have had a chronic dwarf shortage.

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The local coffee stores in my town have had staff shortages for last eighteen months. The local Starbucks closes at 4 p.m. because they cannot staff a second shift to stay open until 7 p.m. like they used to.

A lot of restaurants have Help Wanted signs.

Up in the Sierra Nevada, because of getting 17 feet of snow in a week, the power company is saying power won’t be restored until January 10. And the Hoghway Patrol was telling people “don’t drive in the mountains, tow trucks are 24 hours behind in clearing stuck cars.”

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Any food service or retail job now has staff shortages here. It’s to the point where businesses are forced to close randomly at times.

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Food service – some restaurants are not open due to staff shortages or are closing early due to staff shortages.

School bus drivers – a lot of them are out sick so in this area (NY/CT) some schools are open half day today or have a two hour delay due to school bus drivers being out and teachers being out sick.

Some bank branches are closed here, temporarily, or sporadically, due to staff being out sick.

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I haven’t noticed any thing, really, except for a shortage of school children.

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Supermarkets opening up later and closing earlier, restaurant closing one or more days a week (pre-COVID-19 they were 7 day a week), back to remote learning in schools and school bus drivers.

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We had a cream cheese shortage in N Cal a few weeks ago. Very strange.

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Mostly the service industry as in restaurant help, retail and other low wage positions.

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I am having a Ferrari shortage, because the dealership refuses to sell me one for 100€.

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Restaurants that offer low wages are seeing shortages around here too.

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