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What are your experiences with ceramic knives?

Asked by ragingloli (51414points) January 3rd, 2022

Personally I think they are not worth the money.
They say that they stay sharp for longer, and while that may be true on a technical level, practically they chip really easily, diminishing their effective sharpness really quickly.
I got through roughly 3 months of normal use, before it had deteriorated substantially, and since you can not resharpen a ceramic knife, I had to throw it away.
I think you are better off with just buying a whetstone and periodically resharpen a metal knife.

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I greatly prefer carbon steel. I use a paper wheel for the initial sharpen and jewler’s rouge and a buffer wheel when they need to be resharpened after a year or so.

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I’m with @Blackwater_Park. Carbon steel is my fave, and I get and keep an excellent edge with crock sticks.

ETA I just realized I didn’t answer your Q. My experience is that they chip and are therefore much more dangerous. I have a good carbon steel knife that I bought when I was in college (early 70s) and I still use it.

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I’m with you. I both of you ^^. I have a ceramic knife in my tool box. I would not use it for food in case small pieces chip off. I sharpen my conventional knives regularly with a Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener
I keep it on the kitchen counter, in the corner next to the coffee maker. It is always ready.

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I have a ceramic knife that I still use. It is still sharp even though it is chipped. But I’m not keen on the idea of it chipping Give me steel knife anytime.

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I only have a ceramic peeler. it has stayed sharp for 8–10 years now. I feel the risk of chipping pretty low for this purpose.

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