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Should I have the blues about this pandemic?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12075points) January 5th, 2022 from iPhone

For the first time in my life I feel like maybe the world really changed so dramatically that my old concepts and expectations for the future are simply invalid.

This is the darkest period of world history I’ve lived through, and honestly I’m not feeling optimistic.

I know life will regain some normalcy eventually, but I feel that the changes make the past look painfully ideal.

My sadness is that I worry I needed to do more with that lost time in that ideal world. It’s sort of worse than if an asteroid obliterated the world, because then I would not have anything to regret.

The way things are going, it’s like the future is a quagmire for everyone, and whatever normalcy becomes will be nothing like what we had.

Maybe I’m just finally over this whole pandemic fiasco. Haha

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Cheer up.

Things may look bleak now, but it will pass.

New realities usually create new opportunities. Eventually a brighter future will emerge.

That will pass too.

It’s a long strange trip. Sit near a window.

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We got over SARS, bird flu, and swine flu, mad cow, potato wart (soon), ect ect. We will get over Covid.

Something always is doom and gloom with the media. Oil and natural gas, too low/high, economic problems, China buying up all of the good atomic elements. Gold too high/low. Ect ect.

After a couple of breaking news hypes under your belt you will learn not to care, as much, and see the news as entertainment mostly, and weather.

Right now I am wondering if Crypto currency is going to be legal tender in the world’s super powers. I hope that it goes well.

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It’s not surprising that you are blue after all these months of covid19. What you wrote about the future are some classic reasons why people feel depressed. Feeling hopeless about the future and helpless.

There is every reason to believe the pandemic is inching towards ending. The Omicron variant appears to have a shorter incubation and be less deadly. This year might be the homestretch back towards normalcy.

I think it’s normal to feel waves of sadness and disbelief at this crazy shit two years of having to be hyper vigilant about germs and more isolated from interacting with people and just having to worry more about so many things.

I’d say try to plan little things to look forward to, and try to hold onto every pandemic or plague throughout history eventually ends.

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Well I don’t think you “should” but I essentially feel the same way. I could never become pessimistic about things like climate change because it’s still mostly about predictions for the future and I don’t live my life worrying about the future or some apocalyptic calamity that is yet to happen. But the pandemic is a horrible present and this is a pivotal period in my life and it’s being fucked up by this and there’s no end in sight. So I can’t help but be negative about it.

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@Demosthenes yes. Thanks for the acknowledgment everyone. =D

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Look on the bright side. We are nearly through the worst of the pandemic and the vaccines and anti virals are working very well. I think things will get back to normal sooner than you think.

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This pandemic is actually a blessing. It was mild compared to what it could have been. It revealed many weaknesses in our civilization that were vulnerable. If we are smart we’ll be much better prepared when it happens again. What has had me down is just how much people are at each other’s throats with politics. I have never seen so much anger, lack of respect and angst between what would normally be average people. The vast amount of bullshit coming out of news and social media just drives it all for the sake of advert clicks….

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@Blackwater_Park My gut tells me that had this happened ten years earlier we would have had much less devision amongst people.
Why do I think that Trump’s reign has something to do with that gut feeling?

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I know how you feel. I’m right there with you. Over the years, I’ve taken those little “Am I depressed” quizzes my health insurance provides and it always comes back that I am moderately to severely depressed. My response to that has always been, “Oh well, carry on. Forge ahead.”

This year is the first time I’ve stopped and admitted I’m not really happy or, frankly, have a clue what ‘happy’ is.

Of course, I have no clue what I’m going to do about, but I’m right there with you.

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You are most definitely not alone.

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There’s no “should” about feelings, you have them or you don’t. Just try not to be overburdened by them if you can.

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Weird if someone don’t feel the blues because of this global pandemic at some point.

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@rebbel I believe Trump was just a symptom of larger problems. Trump would not have even been possible outside of the conditions we are seeing now. When COVID first happened I was thinking that there would be a silver lining, that people would put aside their differences and do what needed to be done. I thought it would be the thing that started to erase the divide but as we all know the opposite happened. That’s what makes me lose hope. I don’t know what other than social media has made people so sheepishly ideological but it’s got little to nothing to do with Trump. Trump just was able to exploit these conditions. I guarantee you someone is right behind him.

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@Blackwater_Park Thank you for your clear and insightful answer.
I can see how you thought, and/or hoped, that it possibly would let people (groups) get back together.
And how unfortunate that it didn’t.

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I think virtually everyone throughout the world has the blues over this nasty virus.

Many are being overworked such as nurses, doctors and hospitals. Many are also concerned because they either have to work from home, they have had to stop working or have lost their jobs because of Covid.

1000s are also having to isolate because they have either caught the virus or have been in contact with someone who has.

All in all I have to say that you are not alone and all we can really do about it is grin and bear it and pray for a miracle cure.

Hang in there friend.

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