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What is the origin of blond hair.

Asked by Melonking (1221points) September 15th, 2008

I know that it is from europe originally but where what part, you would think the romans might have been blond but they are always depicted with black hair. It seems a very odd, no animals have blond hair and very few have blue eyes, where do these sort of things come from.

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I have seen animals that you could consider blonde, dogs, cats, horses, etc. Golden Retrievers is one breed that comes to mind. Many cats have very blue eyes, as do some dogs. In Pompeii there are paintings of blondes, men and women.

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Well, thanks for the good answer but its a bit too good… now the topic will die, but still Great Answer.

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Blonde genes?
I think I’m totally misreading the question…...

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We tend to think of Nordic tribes as blond gene pools. Basically, the closer to the equator you are, the more melanin you have as protection against the sun. The more northern the clime, the less solar radiation reaches the surface of the planet, therefore the less protection from the sun’s ray you need.

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That answer is good too….... sorry I can’t think of much to say.

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The head?

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