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Why do my ears sometimes hurt when I sleep on them?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24047points) January 9th, 2022

Sometimes it is fine sometimes not?

Please explain to me.

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I used to have some kind of periodic zit-type thing under one of my ears, maybe some kind of bacterial infection or something. It lasted for a few years then just went away. But during that time, it would sometimes “flare up” and cause what felt and looked like a giant zit under my ear. Putting pressure on it would hurt. No idea whether this has anything to do with your situation.

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Mine do too now and then. I don’t worry about it.

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Maybe you need a softer pillow.

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You are pressing them flat against the mattress or pillow. People who have ears that stick out from the head will have this aggravation. Those with flattish ears will not.

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My right ear does that, too. Many years duration. I think possibly it’s because of my TMJ (tempero-mandibular-joint) problem. Solution for me is to use two pillows side by side and place my ear in the crack between the pillows.

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