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What are the possibilities of me having ASPD when I turn 18?

Asked by ISAQATHE (13points) January 10th, 2022

I’m 16, and I was diagnosed with conduct disorder about a year ago, and didn’t treat it. What are the possibilities of me having ASPD when I turn 18?

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I’m really sorry to hear you’re struggling. Unfortunately, nobody here can tell you whether your diagnosis is correct. Misdiagnoses are common, maybe especially in young people. But that doesn’t mean your specific diagnosis is wrong. Can you try to find a therapist or doctor you trust? Having a professional in your corner might help you make sense of different opinions.

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In what ways are you conducting yourself that seems to be a problem?

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@Dutchess_III: We don’t typically refer to mental health issues as “a problem.” We would more likely refer to them as “issues” or “what symptoms are you experiencing?”

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But she said it’s her behavior coming under scrutiny. What type of behaviour?

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Behavior would fall under “issues” or “symptoms.” Again, just not to refer to it as a problem even though the person might consider it to be problematic.

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Ok. What kinds of issues are you having OP?

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I lie very often, i have some kind of weird stare where if i start looking at someone i can’t stop

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You should be checked by a doctor for seizures.

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Why do you lie?

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