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what are the key differences between organic and "beyond" organic?

Asked by TheGreenBrideGuide (178points) November 13th, 2006
I am working on a paper trying to articulate these distinctions - any specifics you can add would be helpful!
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himm, I have never heard of beyond organic but would be interested in knowing what this means.
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I am quite familiar with organic farming, and 'beyond' organic is a new term to to. Sounds like a new catch phrase to me. I will look into it.
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Sorry but I think it's all a bunch of hooey. Isn't EVERYTHING that grows out of the ground organic???
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No, organic is a specific term user to classify food that is not slathered in industrial fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.
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"beyond" organic takes into account fair labor practices, and "food miles" (how far your food travels from field to plate, and therefore how much energy is used in getting it to you.) this takes into account locally grown food, and the use of a holistically sustainable practice in food.
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if you are still looking for info about the distinction between organic and beyond organic, there is some great stuff at

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Beyond organic is adopting lifestyle changes primarily focused around organic food choices that will influence your body to be healthier and feel better. Some refer to it as food alchemy

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