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Since we all claim to be great drivers, how often do you make sure all the lights on your vehicle are working?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21179points) January 12th, 2022

I see really nice vehicles all the time with a light out somewhere on it.
It bothers me, they can afford a nice vehicle but can’t be bothered to make sure it’s in safe working condition.
Since we are all concerned about poor writing, shouldn’t we take as much care in our vehicles, and driving practices?

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I check mine just about every time I drive it.
I have a drawer in the tool box full of spare bulbs for both vehicles.

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Never (before I start driving).
Well, that’s not totally true, I realize now; when I come up to the car I unlock it with the key fob, and then all blinkers turn on.
But thanks for reminding me, I’ll check my brake and reverse lights tomorrow!

Ah, and just like @zenvelo, I always have my lights on (automatically); night or day.

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My car (and most cars built in the last 25 years) has ways of telling me when a bulb is out. So as long as it isn’t telling me a bulb is out, I am confident that all lights are working every time I start the car (I drive with my lights on all the time.)

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At least once a week, have some spares. Headlight HID bulbs are almost $200 each, no spares.

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I have to admit, I only check them when I pull up to or back up to a glass window; I can see them in the reflection.

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I do what @smudges does.

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Ditto @smudges and @jca2 Guilty as charged I suppose.

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I check my lights every now and then. I can see reflections of my lights when I drive up to a storefront parking space in a mini-mall.

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I don’t care for any “we all” generalizations, whether pertaining to driving, writing, or anything else. You can’t draw a reasonable conclusion from a false premise. I, for one, do not claim to be a great driver, just as some others around here are not bothered about how their writing measures up. As a very late learner, I’m extra careful because I know I’m not highly skilled.

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Fine but being extra careful how often do you make sure all your lights are working?

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Everytime I start the car. There are sensors to tell me if a light is out. I also notice these things On prior vehicle without that luxury.

The majority of vehicles (new or old) that have a light out is simply due to ignorance on the drivers part. They know, but don’t care until they are pulled over.

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When my oil is changed they check. I check my headlights every time I park at night; I can see their reflection when I park at home and often other places.

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At minimum every oil change but usually more frequently. I have most of the bulbs I need to replace any that die in my car already.

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I make a point of walking around the truck with lights on once a week – usually Saturdays.

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My old car does the rapid blink if one is going out so I don’t check often.

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@SQUEEKY2, I’ll totally give you that. I almost never think to check, but I will now.

I’m not too much of a road menace, though. I bought my car new in 2012 after I had stopped commuting, and I have less than 22,000 miles on it. I seldom go more than ten miles from home, and I stick to surface roads as much as possible.

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When the cops stop me!

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