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Is it weird that people are 17 years older than his mother's cousin?

Asked by nmotamed (4points) 2 days ago

I was in the last year of high school when my grandmother’s nephew was born. It was very strange to me that he had to call my grandmother aunt later when he was older despite all the age differences (more than 70) . Of course, my grandmother died before she could be named by this nephew.

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It’s not odd at all. It is just not the norm. I honestly think it is kind of novel.

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In high school I dated one of my buddy’s niece, she was 3 weeks older than he was. His mother and his older brother’s wife were pregnant at the same time. When he was born he was an uncle. That was a 24 year difference in age between him and his brother.

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My granddaughters are aunts, even though they are 5 & 6 years old. They call their neices “cousins”. It isn’t that unusual today.

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Sorry. . .you lost me.

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My grandson was born after his grampa (my ex) had a baby with his new wife.

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My oldest sister was 22 when I was born Her oldest child is 6 months younger than I am. I was at her wedding, in utero.

My husband is five days younger than my middle sister’s oldest child. (Husband is 5 years younger than I am.) My MIL is 3 months younger than this same sister. He has two aunts that are only a couple of years older than I am. My MIL is younger than three of my sisters.

Large age spreads aren’t that unusual.

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