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Have you ever pulled the "my house my rules" on others?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19782points) 2 days ago

How did it turn out?

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I am a parent, of course I have, with kids that came over. With adults? Rarely, and only to do with things like smoking.

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Yeah, when playing card or board games with friends. A roaring fun time.

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Only with smoking. I don’t allow it in my house. But I do have an ashtray and provide that for any guest that wants to go smoke on my deck.

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Yes, whenever someone complains about being chained up in my dungeon.

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Not directly.

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Not in so many words. My son, when a teenager, was talking about his girlfriend’s father asking him to remove his hat and not allowing him to question it. My son said to us later, “In our family there was never a time when we couldn’t ask why.”

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