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Is "Contact the Mods" not working or are the mods too busy to answer?

Asked by janbb (59594points) 2 days ago

This is not a bitch at the mods who I think do a stellar job with little thanks or resources. I just want to know because I used “Contact the Mods” twice in the last few weeks and not gotten a response. Admittedly, once was only a day or so ago, so maybe there wasn’t enough time but there was a response when I flagged the issue afterwards.

So again, not a bitch or complaint, I just want to know if that function is functional.

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Yeah, Mods, where the F you at??? ~

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People keep saying this site is on life support. Looks like time to start planning the memorial.

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@JLoon Don’t worry, it’s been on life support for years but we few, we gallant band of brothers, persist. it’s not dying any more than it has been for the last several years.

@all This is not a bash the mods or a bash the site thread as I thought I made clear in my OP. If it becomes that, I’ll ask for it to be deleted.

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Well, they’ve helped me out in a couple of matters lately, and one kindly took the time to explain something. So I think they’re still on the ball. Not ready to start drafting any obits yet.

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My question is about the “Contact the Mods” function. Is that how you reached them @Jeruba?

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In two recent instances, yes. One was just to say thanks, though, for helping me out with something that had needed a fix. The other was a question, and I did get an answer.

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[mod says] We’re still alive! Sorry you didn’t get a response to your message.

There’s a slight issue with our coverage because we are currently all in the US. The “Contact The Mods” button works, but messages sometimes get lost in the avalanche of a special brand of feedback spam that we’re seeing. A technical solution to that problem has been requested. Meanwhile, the best way to reach us quickly is to send a PM to one (or even all) of us. I believe I know what your message was about, and it’s been handled – but please see your PMs so we can be sure.

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@Jeruba Thanks.

@longgone Thanks. I guess my messages just got lost in the shuffle then. I appreciate the answer here and the pm.

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Are the mods just the greatest or what??

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Yes, they are!

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I was kind of wondering the same thing, @janbb. I contacted them about removing an answer of mine at least a week ago. I haven’t heard anything, but since I can’t remember which question it was, I just let it go. If I could remember, I would contact them again. No big deal. As my mom used to say, “Well if it was that important to you, you would have remembered.” LOL

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