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What are the recipes you only have with family?

Asked by filmfann (49519points) 1 week ago

Everyone has turkey at Thanksgiving. I have never had Egg Gravy or Taco Mountain away from my family. Sure, sometimes we have company when we eat these, but I have never seen it served at someone else’s home.

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Unsweetened crispy noodle pudding served in chicken soup.

My Dad’s special home fried potatoes

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This made my mind kinda spin. I never eat at anyone else’s home unless it’s an ordered pizza. Do people do that? Have dinner at other people’s houses that aren’t family?

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@anniereborn You’ve never been to a dinner party? Never been to a barbecue at someone’s house?

There really isn’t anything I make that I won’t make for friends. That includes my mother’s enchilada recipe.

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Tortiere, a spiced meat pie !

Scratch made Chicken Liver Pâté my dad used to make that to put on Ritz crackers and we would watch football on Sundays.

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@zenvelo Nope, never been to a dinner party. I think the last BBQ I went to was in the 90s.

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Most of my mother in law’s recipes I have never seen anywhere else…

Saffron Rice with Chicken
Crispy Polenta
Pizza Granna

Sadly she doesn’t cook anymore and my wife (despite being a fabulous cook) never picked up those recipes.

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After my mom died and we were going through her stuff, my brother asked me if it would be okay for him to take her recipe books and cook books. I burst out laughing. I don’t cook, what do I need it for?

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Eggs rice and ketchup. I had never heard of this before I met my wife, but she said her family had it a lot when she was growing up. I think it might be a cross-cultural thing from when their father was stationed in Japan.

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