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Do Indian girls practice lesbian sex?

Asked by swapnil101sssss (7points) January 15th, 2022
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Asian Indian? Yes.
American Indian? Also yes.
While they are not in the closet, they are found in the cupboard.

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Lesbianism or homosexuality is not confined to one group of people and it is not even restricted to the human race.

Any nationality or colour can be gay..

Even animals can be homosexual, lesbians or bisexual.

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If they want to.

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If they want to.
Same as it ever was…

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Practice makes perfect.

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Yes – Shukr hai! ;p

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After a quick search (safe search: off) I can confirm that they do indeed practice lesbian sex.

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Surely at least one! Ha ha!

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It has only been legal in India for a few years.

I imagine the answer to the question here is yes.

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@KNOWITALL well, to be picky, at least two :-)

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Probably to some degree. More so in “Bollywood” I would suspect. None of my business though.

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Ya, sure, yabetcha.

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Homosexuality was illegal for ever so long in the U.S. but it didn’t stop any body! Just saying, “legal” has nothing to do with anything.

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I wouldn’t know.

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