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If you poured fresh concrete for a patio and a critter walked through it would you just leave it be?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45312points) January 15th, 2022

Or would you fix it?

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It depends on the critter.

If the critter was a horse or a hippo, I think the sizes of the holes their feet would leave would be unsafely large. I’d definitely fill them in.

If the quadruped was a cow that had escaped from a trip to a slaughterhouse, I’d think about filling in her prints with green ‘crete. Then I’d get a pointy object and inscribe a tribute to her ephemeral freedom.

Most of the critters that have walked in my yards have been raccoons, opossums, squirrels, birds, and cats.
I would leave those.

If my feline friend Katrina walked through it, I’d get an old pen and try to write her name and the date of her walk in the concrete.
If I was able to do that, then I’d add some hearts and smiles to her artistry.

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Probably – Especially if it was a wild animal.

I kinda like the idea that we could share territory.

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Is that Mt. Bachelor in the background of your avatar?
Upon what lake doth yo’ gaze wander? :p

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Not Bachelor, but not far from there. Special place for sure ;)

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I might leave it to add some character. Especially, a back patio.

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How big is the patio? How visible are the marks? And who will use the patio?

If you are a socialite and are going to have fancy black-tie galas on the pation, then you ought to get it fixed.

If this is back yard pation and all you will use it for is grilling out and catching some sun, then it isn’t worth fixing.

So it depends on you.

if you’re an obsessive-compulsive personality, and this is going to bug you forever, then get it fixed now. Otherwise it will drive you crazy.

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I’d love it! and leave it.

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Footprints of a squirrel would be nice. Maybe a cat. Any other animal would be too heavy and leave too much of a print.

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I think turkey tracks would be neat, too.
SeaTac airport in Washington has animal tracks in the concrete of the concourse. I can’t remember what animal. Seagulls or something?

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The city repoured a section of our sidewalk. There are little kitty footprints in it and I think it’s adorable.

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My front porch has cat tracks on it, but they must be old as Methuselah. It’s an older rental house, large but built in 1955, according to our neighbor across the street who has lived there forever. (Old gal is 101 years old!) But anyway, yes I’d probably leave them. Too much expense to repour I would think.

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