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"I'm 54 years old, and I still can't talk Greek". Care to join me in "I'm this old, and still can't do this"?

Asked by rebbel (34228points) January 16th, 2022

Fill in the blanks.

I’m blank years old, and I still can’t (do) blank.

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I am this old and still can’t fly a plane.

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I’m 54 years old and I’m still not old enough to live where I live, and I’ve lived here over 5 years.

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I’m (blank) years old and I still can’t walk a tightrope.

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I’m old, and still can’t play dominos.

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I’m old and still haven’t figured out how to be an adult.

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I’m many years old and I still haven’t sailed solo across the ocean.

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I’ve known my wife and her family for 28 years, and I still no habla Espanol.

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I’m <this old> and I have never learned how to blow a bubble gum bubble.

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I’m 61 years old and still cannot retire.

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I am 65 years old, and I still can’t understand a lot of Shakespeare.

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I still don’t like to tell people an age, and I still haven’t ridden a bicycle.

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I’m old and still can’t touch my tongue to my nose.

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I’m “older than dirt” and still can’t balance a chair on my chin.

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I am t h i s old and still can’t pole vault. and I still can’t run a four minute mile.

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I’m 79 years old (in two weeks) and I still can’t yodel.

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I’m not that old (30), but I still don’t understand compound interest. Is it just like the oposite of extreme boredom??

@chyna – Keep trying, it’s so worth it ;P

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I’m old, and after many years of study, I still can’t read a Japanese newspaper.

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I’m a little old and I never mastered the art of water skiing on one ski.

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Is that usually done with the other foot bare, or with one ski off the water?

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Salalom skis are specially made with two rubber foot holders, one in front of the other like this.
You drop the left ski and put your foot in the holder behind your other foot.
It was so frustrating. It’s the only athletic move I’ve ever failed to master.

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Oh I also still practically can’t snap my fingers. If I try hard, I can sometimes sort of do it, unreliably.

Oh and I don’t know how to tie shoelaces in the “usual” way. I invented my own way of doing something similar.

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I’m older than I wish I was, and I still can’t whistle with my fingers and tongue.

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I’m old enough to have been able to whistle for 50 years, but I still can’t.

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I can only whistle by sucking in.

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I’m 53 years old and still am not financially independent.

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I’m sixty-fluther and still can’t do math in my head. >%^\

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I’m pretty old, and I still can’t figure out what I want to be when I grow up.
I guess ballerina is out.

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Iam this old and still haven’t learned French.

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